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Best Business books for pitching ideas to investors "Engineers aren't very good at Communicating...sometimes?" 

One of my projects' pitch --> WU Coin "Invent for the Planet"


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Amr M
41 months ago

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ignore the books and those who have a "magic" method. As an investor I want to hear you, your story and how you pitch it, not dull output that ticks the boxes. But do practice it over and over and over.

Tony Fish
41 months ago
Thank you for your great reply, can I please ask you to view this video and tell me what you think about it. I want to see it from a different perspective. - Amr 41 months ago
explain the blockchain to your mum - Tony 41 months ago
you make wild assumptions - with detailing them - Tony 41 months ago
BP Executive Sumary rocks - Dr. David E. 30 months ago

With investors, only a few things work - 
1. What is your idea and how you present it? 
2. Your engineering skills, competitors advantage, and scalability plans. 
Real questions. Real answers. No business jargons. They face this kind of meetings daily. Your work speaks more than your PPT. Strong POC which can speak about the idea itself.

Hitesh Mathpal
41 months ago
OK - Dr. David E. 30 months ago

I'm inclined to also say, ignore the books. A pitch is a longer version of an elevator speech, albeit with very specific goals. They need to be short and engaging, and require a lot of practice to get right.
That said, the best pitches involve story telling. There is one book I've read that is helpful to understand how to engage an audience with a narrative, and that is "Ted Talks, the Official Ted Guide to Public Speaking." It's a relatively quick read, helpful to understand how to persuade.

David Feidner
41 months ago
Growth - growth - growth! - Dr. David E. 30 months ago

The overall tone of your pitch should suggest the investors openly as to what your idea can do for them by detailing out the benefits that your solution has to offer. Jargon free way of telling the investors about the general expertise that you have as an "idea seller" will leave a great mark. Be open to ask for a potential client's business.

Sunil Kappal
41 months ago
Of course - Dr. David E. 30 months ago

Read the bible always make room for practical spiritual ideas that people need and be positive in solving business for the needy. Multiply your talents always and the Lord shall give you more.

Belize Green Independent Party
41 months ago

Innovative ideas comes from practical experiences not from the books. Don't worry if you fail, keep trying and you'll succeed one day. I remember a beautiful saying by a great leader and scientist Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. He said that fial does not mean fail but it is:
F - First
A - Attempt
I - In
L - Learning

He also said that end is not an end but:
E - Effort
N - Never
D - Dies

Abhishek Raj
41 months ago

Iam spiritual oriented on practical ideas and God guides me. Iam not materialistically oirented in spiritual ideas where technology guides you.

Belize Green Independent Party
41 months ago
OK - Dr. David E. 30 months ago

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