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Reviews can be damaging yet unwarranted - What is the best way to work around deceitful reviews?

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Pam Welch
17 months ago

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If you receive a bad review, immediately responding in public and asking the reviewer to speak/email in private is always a great start. If things can be resolved privately, asking the reviewer to update the review after resolution is always an option.

If you are actively asking for reviews from customers and getting positive reviews one bad review won't hurt and will likely look out of place. Asking for reviews is always a good idea!

Michael Abata
17 months ago
What if the review isn't from a patient of record? False reviews to damage a clinic and increase other clinic ratings is occuring. We did respond accordingly to show they had made an error in the review placed but ultimately its the deceit i want to battle head on. - Pam 17 months ago
Got it. If this is happening on Google, you'll need to flag the review for them to reviwew. You can follow steps here: - Michael 17 months ago
Bury BRs with GRs - Dr. David E. 6 months ago

This is a very complicated problem. But I would say this is a problem in social media so the answer resides in social media only. 
You need to be active on social media. If someone writes a bad review just answer them with an apology and ask them to connect via phone/email etc. If they do connect you can resolve the issue. But if they don't, do a follow up again on social media. At least this will show the other users that you are concerned. 
If someone writes a good review, then also respond them with a thank you. 
There are always a lot of fake accounts those who write bad reviews. I would suggest asking your patients about their email id etc. I am sure you do this anyway. And let's say you get a comment from and you had no patient of this name in your patient list. You can simply say "We apologize but this user or email id is not on our patient list", but this has to be done carefully. 

Hitesh Mathpal
16 months ago
I am a doctor. But, if asked as a patient about fake reviews, I would RUN AWAY. - Dr. David E. 6 months ago
WHY - This type of doctor is just a health care merchant. - Dr. David E. 5 months ago
I agree with you but things like Dentistry work on reference. Especially for new patients. And social media is like a tool for that. I think places where owner replies the reviews are much better. We know most of the reviews are fake but not all. If you reply to them with proofs they are fake, you get more credibility. - Hitesh 5 months ago
Agreed-dentisty is more market based and capitalstic than real medicine. - Dr. David E. 5 months ago
Very well points @de_mbbs and Hitesh - Charu 5 months ago
Thank you - Dr. David E. 5 months ago
Sometimes - just ignore them, focus on your work :) - Maya 5 months ago
PERFECT! - Dr. David E. 5 months ago

I am also concerned with false reviews being placed by friends and family to boost ratings or google standings for other offices as I had a person state that they had been solicited to place reviews for an office and they would be rewarded accordingly by the number of reviews they were able to drum up.  How do you stop this Social Media deceit?

Pam Welch
17 months ago
You CAN NOT - Dr. David E. 6 months ago

Best way is to filter the reviews. Only genuine and true reviews should be made visible and false or unwanted reviews should be deleted.

Abhishek Raj
16 months ago
Should? Who decides? genuine and true = meaningless - Dr. David E. 6 months ago

I agree with Hitesh. Always respond and say something like "I'm sorry you had a bad experience" or "I'm sorry you feel you were treated unfairly" , etc. Then you could say something like "we'd love to reach out to you to see what we could do to remedy the situation, but unfortunately we can't find your name (email address etc) in our records. Could you please give us a call so we can address your concern(s)?" Always keep it neutral, I think most people who use social media know how the truth can sometimes be "skewed" and will give you the benefit of the doubt. I also agree that you need to be active on social media. The day to day tone of your page says far more than 1 bad review.

Donna Wylie
5 months ago
Medicare for All = no need for reviews - Dr. David E. 5 months ago

I will not be affected. I know where I stand and I know my performance. Reviews are for advertising purposes, to promote goods or services to the public. I would rather improve my craft each day and I will do any procedure the best possible with the highest standard of care and ethical values.

Christine Hope Cuaresma
5 months ago
Well OK - Approval seeking behavior? - Dr. David E. 5 months ago
@dr_mbbses, they want to read what they want to read - Christine Hope 5 months ago
Again, OK - Dr. David E. 5 months ago
Reading is not WRITING - Dr. David E. 5 months ago
Ok, Giot your point, Thank you - Christine Hope 5 months ago
U R welcomed. Best - Dr. David E. 5 months ago

What is the best way to work around deceitful dentists?


Any thoughts?

Dr. David E. M
5 months ago
I abhor a deceitful practice. I will tell openly to my dentist that wha the or she is doing is unethical or does not meet the standards. I have to tell that dentist that we have a moral obligation to our societyand to our patients. what we sow is what we reap. - Christine Hope 5 months ago
Define deceitful? - Dr. David E. 5 months ago
Define unethical? - Dr. David E. 5 months ago
) It is being dishonest, not telling the truth, using schemes to mislead people and make it appear to be tru though it is not. - Christine Hope 5 months ago
Interesting - non quantifiable? - Dr. David E. 5 months ago

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