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What are the features & metrics used to capture customer requirements and how they are translated to design features?

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Addagatla Babu
47 months ago

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This is naturally going to depend on the customer and the offering (product, service, etc.)

One metric that comes to mind that's fairly universal is speed - as in fast cycle time to produce the desired outcome which implies a level of quality or performance.

Depending on the product, you then must connect that to features/design specs.

One of the most useful tools for this is QFD or House of Quality, though it can be a bit overwhelming at first. However, doing this step properly will save countless hours and dollars (euro, yen, krone, yuan...)

James C
47 months ago

First you need to collect and analyze the requirements (according to the products these could include customization, responsiveness, experience, empathy) and identify how to improve your services. Ask consumers to provide with a feedback and inputs about this. Put this information into a grid measuring both the satisfaction and the performance quality. Split the replies based on their rating (low, medium and high), this will provide you with an overall picture of the situation.

Paolo Beffagnotti
47 months ago

Once again, depending on the context in which this is occurring, customer requirements could be conveyed in an RFQ document for a project type of application. When my group is leading a project and engage a vendor to assist or deliver the entire project, a well thought out and written project scope is critical to success in getting what we want in terms of vendor performance and project deliverables.

Michael Meehan, CMRP, CRL, CMM
47 months ago

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