How to make money and profit from ICOs


Should we invest in the future business? Yes, if we speak about Initial Coin Offering. ICO is a crowdfunding method where investors are offered to purchase tokens or a new type of cryptocurrency. Find out here the prep steps of how to make an ICO and gain nice profit. Just first-hand experience advice from Artjoker experts.

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alex black
32 months ago

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Profit from ICO tokens are mainly from the price appreciation that may happen for a given token. It certainly depends on demand supply but at the same time underlying team and product vision also matters a lot.

I would advice on the other aspect of ICO gain. I feel getting started with ICO also gives exposure to the underpinning Blockchain technology, which holds strong propositions for lot more use-cases. Learning this disruptive technology would definitely offer potential career opportunities.


Ravi Agrawal
32 months ago
mainly from the price appreciation = What else? - Dr. David E. 20 months ago

Hi Alex,

I joined the ICO scene back in 2018. After awhile, it felt like "everybody and his brother" was launching a new coin exhibiting some combination of staking, low transaction cost, high transaction speed, and "stability" through pegging towards some asset class, real estate, auctions, commodities etc.

The company & team profiles were often spotty. Felt like there was alot of opportunism, programmers jumping from coin-to-coin, making a pump and dump, wash-rinse repeat. Blending that with the solvency of Exchanges, hard forks, and speculative "celebrity" endorsements, it become the wild west.

And now that Bitcoin and the majors have been dragged into the CBOE and Futures markets, other than whale market-moving it seems to be behaving like the S&P500, NASDAQ and DOW.

Do you truly see innovation in the ICO offerings these days? Is it TRULY leveraging blockchain towards mass public adoption for daily pending and savings, or gaining institutional adoption as XRP was supposed to dominate banking? Or is it still that speculative, opportunistic Wild West of opportunism? Example, I look at the latest Teeka Tiwari coin endorsements and scratch my head as to whether he's latched onto value and utility, or if he's staging a pump-and-dump campaign with some recent ICO partners plus selling a paid subscription for "advice".

So again, how would you even begin to gage the future value and gain potential in the typical ICO?

Thank you for initiating this topic!

Davide Ivaldi
1 month ago

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