What is the nexus of enhanced mobility and fall risks?


Most older adults have a higher fall risk as the number of their medications increase and they physical activity decline. I am wondering how enhancing mobility connects with or combats fall risks?

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Kay Bransford
33 months ago

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Kay, could you be more specific? Mobility can be enhanced without increasing fall risk with use of medical equipment and implementing safety devices. What exactly are you trying to discern for this population?

Lori Williams
33 months ago
I am trying to understand when you use the term mobility is it to combat a pure movement issue or is there an aspect of fall prevention in the use of this term? I'm unclear and was trying to understand the distinction. - Kay 33 months ago
I see. From a Clinical standpoint, when I use the term enhanced mobility, it is usually in context of a goal for increasing independence for a patient with assessed barriers. Mobility barriers for elderly patients could be anything from weakness due to disease, high risk medications, cognition, hearing/sight, environmental – any variety of issues that could present safety risks. When working w - Lori 33 months ago
When working with elderly individuals, mobility consideration is always from the standpoint of ‘what is the safest way for them to be mobile?’ Hope this helps. - Lori 33 months ago

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