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Does using a health tracking app or software program encourage the user to become more health conscious and more likely to be more motivated to eat healthier? Be more active? Reduce sick days? Read more on health issues?

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David Barckhoff-Sag-Aftra/Producer, Director
31 months ago

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The new tracking apps and software are very helpful for the users to become healthier, workout more regularly and eat better. It is the idea of a journal but updated for the 21st century. They send reminders, advice, health articles and much more. If used properly they can greatly aid in people staying healthy. They also input all their information, so doctors, trainers, dietitians etc. can see the information and give feedback, that as you can imagine greatly helps. It is like having a medical team on your phone.

Keith Kantor
31 months ago
Dont track me, dude. - Dr. David E. 19 months ago

YES! A health tracking app or software program does, in fact, encourage the end user to become more health conscious and increase their likelihood to become more motivated to eat healthier, increase the level of activity, become more informed on health issues and in turn reduce the number of sick days they take annually. As a health and wellness coach, I advise my clients to track their food intake, exercise, input the way they feel before and after a meal and add in any medications and ailments they may have. It improves their accountability factor to do what is healthier for them. It brings awareness and conscientiousness to what they are consuming, how much they are exercising and how they are feeling. Employers should add to their employee forms an annual motivation to fill out online surveys and maintain healthier members. In the long-run, they will pay less for medical and for employees on leave.

Susanne Kauderer, MBA, CIHC
31 months ago
We have to motivate folks to stay healthy? SAD and PITYFUL! - Dr. David E. 19 months ago

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