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How do we assess the impact of recent facebook algorithm changes on our ability to acquire both customers and revenue?

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Hilary Large
28 months ago

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Increasingly - you will not

Dr. David E. M
17 months ago
FB changed because it got caught! - Dr. David E. 17 months ago
Was Nike hacked two days ago? - Dr. David E. 16 months ago

Facebook, Google or any other leading content business house always want few things from you as a marketer - 
1. Keep your content clean and follow their content policy ( You can read in their API documentation or marketing documentation )
2. Not many links. No dead links and no links to the sites which may have offendable comments. 
3. Your ads should not look like proxy or part of any Facebook functionality. 
4. Engage with your user. Block spammers and do not spam. 

These are the key rules always work for any new algorithm change. However, to collaborate more users you can study the user patterns like - facebook stories is a new usage pattern. 

Hitesh Mathpal
16 months ago
Start your own blog and website and be in CONTROL - Dr. David E. 16 months ago
Keep it clean. - Maya 16 months ago
Agree - but remain in control of your social media presence - Dr. David E. 16 months ago

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