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The Digital Age entails accelerated change unlike anything since the introduction of the printing press in the 1500s. ''Mastering your craft' is just the prerequisite requirement. Competitive advantage necesssitates constant growth, agility, and leadership! QUESTION: How does one inspire a growth mindset for personal and professional development to inspire a fully engaged workforce and maximum productivity?

Steve Jones
82 months ago

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Hi. I believe the inspiration comes from the empowerment of the individual to be successful in their personal career/life passions, and how that inersects/combines with the goals of the organization & team(s) they work with. Ideally finding the right talent and channeling it to the higher order goals of the organization drives an individual's sense of contribution and his/her drive to continue to take things to the next level.

John Robertson
82 months ago

Employee engagement is key to guiding and motivating your workforce. If you show you are personally invested in your team's success, they will strive to grow, improve and perform for you and the company. Schedule one on one coaching sessions with each team member. Offer training sessions to add knowledge or improve skills. Learn what motivates or turns off each team member so your approach to each is personalized.

Lisa Hendrickson
81 months ago

Who can argue that John...all good. Meanwhile, a basic idea that I have learned from seems relevant here. We have all heard the term Feed the lions, Ride the horses, shoot the dogs....not sure it says it all...but I did have version of it that is a bit more fundemental and less violent.
The idea is this: On a matrix of Drive and Capability, clearly we want those that have it both. Drive being the internal motivation, eagerness to learn, and the humility to always improve oneself. I believe you can't teach it, but like John implies above, you can create a condition that allows for it. Capability is mostly captured by experience but I often think of it as one's ability to get the job done if they were to apply oneself.
The idea is simple:

  • Those Low on both Drive and Capability are easy to detect in dont hire them.
  • High on Drive, Low on Capability is the proverbial workhorse, usually young and these people. If they have the aptitutude they will move to the invest in them. Low aptitutude....ouch..."I love you man, but you gotta go".
  • The trickiest one is the High Capability- Low Drive....they are really hard to detect on an interview. They have all the ability to get the job done; they say all the right things; they come from the right schools; you think they are going to completely rock it out; there is a halo around them. But then they come in and talk more than execute. The superstars with the High Drive and Capability are wondering why these type dont seem to get anything done but earn the same pay. The work horses see them as smart and therefore see the pace they work as an alternative for easier route. They start to convince other people that the demands of the business are unreasonable and it is ok to come up short. They are the cancer in any organization. In addition to their own lack of productivity, they put a drag on others. I let 30% of my organization go and got a 40% uptick in productivity. I recommend this is where any leader start to move their people on another trajectory. I summary rather than say "shoot the dogs", I think the dogs never got in anyway...its actually harder than have to rid of some of your most capable people that lack the drive...hard to get convinced of who, and hard to actually do...but do it.
Thomas O'Malley
82 months ago

Listen to employees, understand what drives them, and determine how they can help your business grow. At 58, I have a shed load of experience in marketing products and services, and all aspects thereof. However, the people I'm working for think they know more about marketing than I do. I'm leveraging my experience, and my current role as a Big Data and IoT research analyst looking for the company who's ready for the type of impact I am able to make.

C. Thomas (Tom) Smith, III
81 months ago

People first need to understand what the difference is between a growth mindset and a fixed mindset. And then they need to see where they fit in. Then they can make a conscious choice to grow. Inspiration need to be provided from people who walked that path before. Examples do wonders.

Arnold Beekes
79 months ago

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