The Future of Sustainability for Consumer Health Products

As companies look at connecting human health to the health of the planet, we are looking to develop more sustainable consumer health products from sustainable sourcing of materials to reducing manufacturing waste to increasing packaging recyclability. Companies must clearly understand where sustainability is today, where it is headed in the future, determine how to best apply it to their business model, future product portfolios, and where to place big bets.

This is a unique opportunity for passionate, expert professionals to join 20+ panelists to advance the thinking in this field. This engagement is moderated by an expert facilitator and is open asynchronously, around-the-clock for your convenience.

Every two weeks, the facilitator will introduce a new subtopic – each theme exploring a new facet related to sustainable health and wellness products.

Participation is exclusive, 100% online, and at your own convenience:
- One month participation (option to continue)
- Contribute once or twice per week

Activities include:
1. Discuss trends and innovations
2. Share perspective of future scenarios
3. React to each other's ideas
4. Make new professional relationships

peopleExpert participation

- Chief Sustainability Officers
- Heads of Strategy
- Corporate Brand Sustainability Leaders
- Product Innovation Directors (or those building pipelines and portfolio of the future to deliver on sustainability objectives)
- Sustainability Futurists and Consultants
- Consumer Health Product Managers (with experience in product areas such as self-care, baby, skin, hair, oral care, women’s health, OTC like pain or allergy relief, etc.)
- Consumer Product Leaders with the ability to translate sustainability best practices to what that means to consumer health products
- Business Model Innovation Experts

Mike Anthon
Make brands grow at retail: Speaker, Writer, Consultant, Trainer & Coach.
I am a consultant working with major consumer brands (including Pepsi, Unilever, Colgate) all of whom are actively exploring what role sustainability plays. I work with these brands to help them understand consumer motivations, in particular purchase motivations and have extensively studied the role sustainability and other CSR initiatives play in claimed and real purchase behavior. I also work with retailers, who are driving their own sustainability agenda which increasingly impinges on brands and forces them to comply.
Wayne Fisher
Innovation Guide at Rockdale Innovation
I have 30+ years of new product development experience at Procter & Gamble and beyond. Sustainability without compromise is a key focus area in the consumer products industry, especially in health care. My company's mission is to install innovation best practices and sustainability has been a topic of research over the past 5-10 years.
Olivier Giraud
Modern marketing. High-tech. Innovation. Propositions.
The topic speaks to my plan of making changes to my career. I started as way to clarify and express my opinions, also hoping to convince others to adopt a sustainable lifestyle. To create a sustainable environment for future generations we must develop products and services that help consumers adopt a healthy AND sustainable lifestyle. As stated in the topic's description, this is a complex process: how do you reconcile purpose-driven goals with practical, economical solutions that make business sense? I am looking forward to discuss how to strike this balance.
Matt Willso
Associate Director, ESG
Sustainability specialist with experience in ESG risk management and governance, sustainable finance, and responsible sourcing & procurement. Experience working with and for the private sector, NGOs and government. Applied skills and knowledge in risk assessment and management, project management and governance, partnership brokering, and developing high performance teams.
Anna Kimelm
CBO | Founder - LOOPLINE, Connected and Circular Packaging, Products, and Lifecycle Consulting
Loopline is a sustainability hub encompassing circular and connected packaging, products, and product lifecycle consulting — keeping retail waste out of landfills, oceans, and incinerators. We collaborate with companies and organizations to create reusable packaging products that use connectivity to loop together all product lifecycle participants for a shared responsibility community and the cycling of each product.

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Engage with equal-caliber peers any time you want.


Enhance your knowledge on this subject.


Gain recognition as a thought-leader in your industry.


Earn cashable rewards through points.

“I like that I can do this when I have time,
and there is no set schedule.”

Eric Allen, Senior Manager, Supply Chain at EY

“I find the topics engaging and I love the
flexibility of checking in and providing insights
at my convenience.”

Kimberly Underwood, Consultant at Underwood Consulting

“Great platform, great questions and topics.
The potential to earn a little more money for
participating is nice as well.”

Oren Birks, Sr. Director of IT at PBI-Gordon

“I really enjoy being on the panels, sharing
information and reading the perspective of the
other panelists. It is quite intriguing and most
all of the panelists are quite bright.”

Patty Soltis, CX Strategist at Kinetic Edge Consultants

“Very interactive, informative and without
any inherent bias. This is as good a collaborative
platform as you can get.”

Pinaki Banerjee, Program Director at ITC InfoTech

“It is a perfect platform not just to share
but to learn and stay updated.”

Armando Leyva, HR Director at 360º HC

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The Future of Sustainability for Consumer Health Products