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CoronaBytes: Getting to the "New Normal"

Currnt is trusted by
thousands of
professionals and
hundreds of innovative
companies to connect and share
rare perspective to unlock fresh
insights and advance their fields

Currnt is trusted by
thousands of
professionals and
hundreds of innovative
companies to connect and share
rare perspective to unlock fresh
insights and advance their fields

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Panel members log in, react to the ideas of others, then share their own thoughts when inspired.

You earn the ability to add new members and nominate future topics- you earn 10% bonus Currntcy points of anyone that joins from your shares.

The more people that view the team's outputs (prepared by the platform), the more recognition and points/cash your group earns.

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format_quote I really enjoy the platform. I love discussing these topics - to be able to do so with a group of experts [peers] is amazing. We don't always agree, but everyone is respectful and super smart. Then to get paid on top is a bonus!

Michael Fahey, General Counsel at Homeserve

To provide current, relevant and valuable insights on the changing consumer, business and cultural landscape due to COVID-19, especially as it relates to "the new normal" (coming out of this!)

A little bit of background and context about me and CoronaTV: I am a 5-time author and my latest book is titled, "Built to Suck: The Inevitable Demise of the Corporation...and how to save it?" (www.builttosuck) which if you think about it, has become pretty prophetic as we look at entire businesses and business models being directly affected.

I started CoronaTV with a vision of helping as many people as I could (through consistent insights, advice and support.) This includes you :) How? Well, I'm thinking that every two weeks as we wrap up a question, I will share some of these insights through my various channels, but specifically an episode of CoronaTV and who knows, maybe you'll be guests on my show! For now, check out and make sure you subscribe.

Stay safe everyone!

Today of all days, we all need to grow our relevance in virtual engagement and thought leadership. This unique exclusive collaboration of industry peers represents a path to do that with ease by leveraging the insights and reach of passionate curated expert groups.

How fresh collective intelligence works:
* 20 to 30 selected global professionals interact at their convenience around the clock using both written and video collaboration tools on topics that update every two weeks.
* Insights are distilled into personalized reports that allow you to share among your professional and social networks.
* Interaction and viewership of the reports drive a point system that bonuses the team on the quality and reach of their insights.

If selected, the biggest reward you will gain is the countless new relationships that share your passion for the topic and a mutual desire for continued learning, and authentic recognition. While we promote healthy debate, there is no self-promotion, grandstanding, or intimidation tolerated on the platform; this is a curated experience that rewards intelligent dialogue on narrow topics that matter to many.

If interested in giving it a try, please apply here. If you have specific questions, email us at
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