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COVID-19 Vaccines, Remedies and Cures

Thank you to the
experts and companies
contributing toward a balanced
discussion on the key issues
related to COVID-19

Thank you to the
experts and companies
contributing toward a balanced
discussion on the key issues
related to COVID-19


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Virtual panel members log on at least once a week or as inspired to contribute commentary and engage with peers.

stars Value

- Contribute toward a solution and clear and balanced information
- Enhance your knowledge of new trends in your industry
- Connect with equal-caliber peers and expand your network
- Gain recognition as a thought-leader

This panel is one of five pro-bono panels that will shed light on a host of topics related to COVID-19. Each expert panel will be comprised of a balance of 20-30 experts, and hands-on practitioners working together to provide insights on a roadmap of subtopics. Panelists will be interacting online and at their convenience, as a subject-matter-expert facilitator will lead the discussion and distill the shared insights into a regularly published series of reports, that will be distributed broadly by the participants, followers and partners. The insights will also be shared with major media outlets in hopes to drive a more educated and balanced understanding of the challenges, and solutions ahead.

This expert panel seeks to create much-needed ongoing insights into the development, production, and administration of a vaccine, remedies and cures. As the world awaits accurate information, this expert-only curated group will discuss the dependencies and continually adjust a forecast of key events. Your invaluable insights and unique perspective on this subject will help a global audience understand the variables, remove fears of the unknown, and assist leaders to anticipate and plan for future developments.

A professional facilitator will be leading a balanced online discussion. You will have the unique opportunity to learn collaboratively with 20-30 equal-caliber peers, gain recognition for advancing the thought leadership, and ultimately help communities, and industries find security and a vision for the new future.

Activities include:
1. Explore a variety of themes anew every two weeks.
2. Identify and map trends (i.e. emerging trends, disruptive tech, etc.)
3. React to the latest media/reports in this space
4. One-to-one engagement with other panelists

Participation is 100% online and at your convenience. By applying here, you are agreeing to participate once per week or as inspired. Thought this engagement is organized by Currnt, the professional engagement platform, all participation, facilitation and content development is donated by purpose-driven individuals and cooperating partners.

peopleSeeking Expert Participation

- Heads of BioPharma R&D
- FDA Regulatory/Approval Directors
- BioPharma Manufacturers
- Epidemiologists
- Clinical Trial Experts
- Microbiologists
- Infectious Disease MDs

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