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Reducing Stress Anxiety in Women's Health

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Currnt is trusted by
thousands of
professionals and
hundreds of innovative
companies to connect and share
rare perspective to unlock fresh
insights and advance their fields

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Dominique C. Gagnon

Entrepreneurship + Innovation

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Log in at least once a day, when convenient to you, to answer the daily question posted by the facilitator over the 4-day engagement. This may include open-ended questions, simple surveys and responding to peers.

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- Learn about new developments and trends in your area of expertise
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Dawn L. I. Houghton

This is a unique opportunity for passionate, like-minded professionals to join 20+ panelists and advance the thinking in this field. As a member, you'll network with other panelists, learn more than you contribute, and get rewarded and recognized in the form of points and cash rewards. This robust knowledge networking experience is moderated by an expert facilitator and is open asynchronously around-the-clock for your convenience over 4 days. You will also receive a $200 honorarium.

Each day of the 4 days, the facilitator will introduce a new theme exploring a new facet related to reducing stress anxiety in women's health.

Project Objectives:
- Better understand the needs of the market.
- Explore and map the current landscape.
- Identify future directions.
- Determine a recommended path.

This engagement is expected to launch in mid-October.

Context: Despite having achieved more advanced degrees and taking leadership positions than ever before, women are still maintaining the majority inside the home doing 3X as much unpaid domestic work as men – resulting in 2x more fatigue, 2x as likely to suffer anxiety and depression, 50% higher stress levels, and 67% of lack of sleep.

Our sponsor, the venture arm of a leading CPG company, is on a mission to help women (18+) optimize/enhance their health and wellness by (a) creating products that are designed specifically for women, (b) address gaps in her self-care and (c) offer meaningful difference in her life. We will start by addressing frequent, daily fatigue, stress, and anxiety that negatively impact her day, her capacity and ultimately her relationships.

peopleSeeking Expert Participation

- Gender-Specific Researchers
- Endocrinologists
- Clinicians
- OB/GYN's
- Oncologists
- Women's Health & Wellness Startups
- Sports Trainers/Coaches
- Nutritionists
- Functional/Integrated Medical Practitioners
- Chiropractors
- Specialists in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and/or Myalgic Encephalomyelitis


helpGiven the focus of this engagement, why do you think you’re uniquely positioned to provide valuable input? Please be specific about your relevant expertise and the perspective that you represent. Panelists are selected by the sponsor of the engagement based on your bio and your answer here.

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