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Barriers to Slowing the Adoption of VR by the Average Consumer

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Panel members log in when inspired to nominate ideas, contribute commentary, and engage with other members.

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- Enhance your knowledge on trends driving your industry
- Connect with high-caliber peers on subjects of importance
- Gain recognition as a thought-leader
- Earn cashable 'Currntcy' points and rewards for your contributions

This is a unique opportunity for top professionals that are passionate about bringing virtual reality to consumers to become one of 30 panelists to advance the thinking in this field. As a member of this panel you will get to know other panelists, learn more than you contribute, and be rewarded in the form of points and cash rewards. This robust knowledge networking experience is professionally moderated by a subject matter expert and open around the clock for your convenience.

Every two weeks the facilitator will introduce a new subtopic, each one discussing a new facet regarding emerging digital technologies (video, chatbots, voice-based interactions, real-time chat), as well as the biggest opportunities for consumer-based brands to improve/transform their customer experience.

In this early stage, we are asking experts to engage in a light brainstorming session to validate trends and high-level thinking. Once approved for the panel (within 24 hours) you can nominate and discuss other nominations coming in at your own convenience.

In this exercise, panelists will:
1. Discuss and nominate the trends
2. Rank and prioritize points made by your peers
3. React to the latest media/reports in this space
4. Enjoy engaging and network with peers inside your industry

Below is a preview of some of the topics that are already being discussed. Participation for selected panelist is 100% online and at your own convenience.

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- Software engineers
- Developers
- Product Engineers
- Artists


helpGiven the focus of this panel, why do you think you are uniquely positioned to provide valuable input? Please be specific about your relevant expertise and the perspective that you represent.

help What are the largest challenges in bringing VR into the average customer's everyday lives? Please nominate one trend and support it describing its 'Technological Difficulty' vs 'Size of Opportunity'

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