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Overcoming the Challenges of Slow Moving Inventory

Currnt is trusted by
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professionals and
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Currnt is trusted by
thousands of
professionals and
hundreds of innovative
companies to connect and share
rare perspective to unlock fresh
insights and advance their fields

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Jay Dwivedi

Business Strategy, Market Intelligence for Industr...

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Advisory panel members log on at least once a week or when a new theme is brought up for discussion. Expect to spend a minimum of 15 minutes engaging in each key theme and with other panelists.

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- Engagement is done completely online and at your own convenience - NO SET MEETING TIMES!
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- Connect with equal-caliber peers and expand your network
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- Earn cashable rewards through points; active panelists earn on average $121 each month

format_quote I really enjoy the platform. I love discussing these topics - to be able to do so with a group of experts [peers] is amazing. We don't always agree, but everyone is respectful and super smart. Then to get paid on top is a bonus!

Michael Fahey, General Counsel at Homeserve

We're assembling an online advisory panel to understand how industry leaders streamline their inventory management and in particular, we will focus on overcoming the challenges associated with slow-moving inventory. We will try to identify and explore potential opportunities, best practices, techniques, and tools to optimize inventory management.

We will discuss a range of topics including current and emerging strategies, varying approaches across industries, disruptive technologies, innovative companies entering the space, and beyond. With active engagement from panelists, we hope to collectively create a strategy to help reduce inventory and streamline the process.

Jay Dwivedi, a management consultant with over 25 years experience, will facilitate this panel and guide panelists in open and honest discussions on optimizing and reducing inventory buildup.

In this collaborative engagement, you will be one of 20 equal-caliber peers in your field. You will have the unique opportunity to gain recognition for advancing the industry and demonstrate your thought-leadership – In addition to earning merit-based compensation.

Themes include:
1. Steps businesses are taking to address inventory management
2. What is the given threshold where slow moving inventory becomes a pain point?
3. At what point in the value chain, is slow moving inventory being managed?
4. What strategies/processes are employed to deal with slow moving inventory?

Participation is 100% online and at your own convenience.

This panel is expected to begin June 24, 2019 and we are still accepting applications to join this exclusive panel. In applying, you are committing to participating once per week or as inspired, at your convenience.

peopleSeeking Expert Participation

Looking to engage CPG industry experts in:
- Procurement Executives and Managers
- Supply Chain Leaders
- Inventory Management Experts
- Forecasting/Finance Specialists
- Academia

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