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The Future Trends Impacting Intelligent Dialogue & Compromise for Political & Social Topics

The world is in an all-time high demanding balanced dialogue that results in actionable steps and areas of potential compromise. We, as Currnt, are offering our platform to host a series of online dialogues to yield an intelligent discussion by bringing representatives from different sides of divisive issues to work collectively to identify common ground and areas of compromise.
Our hypothesis, is that with equal represented and equal caliber voices, engaging in an intentional moderated dialogue, we can empirically show the areas of compromise.

In this first step, we are assembling an online thought leader group to 1. Nominate and prioritize topics for future discussion. 2. Identify potential moderators to co-facilitate to help lead the online engagements. balanced intelligent dialogue on to find functional compromises in order to move our nation forward.

Participation is exclusive, 100% online, and at your own convenience. By participating, you'll have special access to the insights created, engage with equal-caliber peers in your industry, and gain recognition for your thought-leadership – In addition to earning merit-based compensation.

Once approved for the panel (within 24 hours) you can nominate and discuss other nominations coming in at your own convenience.

In this exercise, panelists will:
1. Discuss and nominate the trends
2. Rank and prioritize points made by your peers
3. Enjoy engaging and network with peers who share your passion.

Below is a preview of some of the topics that are already being discussed. Participation for selected panelist is 100% online and at your own convenience.

peopleSeeking Expert Participation

Looking to engage facilitators with experience as, but not limited to, the following:
- Lobbyists
- Politicians
- Political advisors
- Sociologist
- Economists
- Educators
- Community organizers
- Activists.

supervised_user_circle Top Applicants

flag Expectations

Panel members log in when inspired to nominate ideas, contribute commentary, and engage with other members.

stars Value

- Enhance your knowledge on trends driving your industry
- Connect with high-caliber peers on subjects of importance
- Gain recognition as a thought-leader
- Earn cashable 'Currntcy' points and rewards for your contributions

What topics have the biggest opportunities to bring more understanding and compromise, and also have significant impact to people?
Impact To Society
Gap in Understanding


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