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Dawn L. I. Houghton, Innovation Consultant

The Growth Journey for VC-Backed Startups

We're assembling an online advisory panel to explore the growth journey of emerging, disruptive and high-growth startups on their path towards sale, IPO, and/or international expansion. We'll discuss a range of issues, such as scalability challenges, fundable deals, Unicorn successes, exit strategies, and beyond.

A professional facilitator will be leading an open and honest discussion. You will have the unique opportunity to learn collaboratively with 20 equal-caliber peers, gain recognition for advancing the industry, and demonstrate your thought-leadership -- in addition to earning merit-based compensation.

Activities include:
1. Explore a variety of themes
2. Map the competitive landscape (i.e. emerging trends, disruptive tech, etc.)
3. React to the latest media/reports in this space
4. One-to-one engagement with other panelists

Participation is 100% online and at your convenience. By applying here, you are agreeing to participate once per week or as inspired.

peopleSeeking Expert Participation

- Founders / Co-Founders of VC backed companies (Seed, Series A, Series B, and beyond)
- CEOs, COOs, CTOs, Cheif Product Officers
- Outsourced CFOs assisting startups in growth
- Unicorns (e.g. Pinterest, Justin's, etc.)
- Venture Capitalists
- Angel Investors
- Silicon Valley entrepreneurs


Dave Saxby

Advisor, Consultant, Private Investor

Top Applicants

100% Online (No travel)
At Convenience (No meetings)
No Commitment (Opt out at any time)

flag Expectations

Virtual panel members log on at least once a week or as inspired to contribute commentary and engage with peers.

stars Value

- Enhance your knowledge of new trends in your industry
- Connect with equal-caliber peers and expand your network
- Gain recognition as a thought-leader and build your reputation
- Earn cashable rewards through points; active panelists earn on average $121 each month


Given the focus of this panel, why do you think you are uniquely positioned to provide valuable input? Please be specific about your relevant expertise and perspective that you represent in the startup or VC ecosystem.