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Dawn L. I. Houghton, Innovation Consultant

The BioPharma Company of the Future 10-20 Years

We're assembling a virtual advisory panel to hypothesize what the BioPharma company of the future will look like within the next 10-20 years. We'll explore the emerging technologies and disruptors that'll impact the global biopharma industry. This includes artificial intelligence, connected health, interoperability, 3D printing, robotics, augmented reality, nanotechnology, biomedical engineering, clinical development, real-world evidence, manufacturing, advances in scientific R&D, and beyond.

A professional facilitator will be leading an open and honest discussion. You will have the unique opportunity to learn collaboratively with 30 equal-caliber peers, gain recognition for advancing the industry, and demonstrate your thought-leadership. You will also receive a $200 honorarium. We are expecting this to run from January 15th to January 18th. The panel will remain open for January 19th for any remaining comments.

peopleSeeking Expert Participation

- Venture capitalists
- Technology companies (Google, Amazon, Qualcomm, etc.)
- Biopharma executives
- RWE Experts
- Data analytics firms (IQVIA, IBM Watson, etc.)
- Technology futurists
- R&D leaders (drug discovery, clinical development, etc.)
- Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management


Ali Shirvani-Mahdavi, Ph.D.

Analytics Strategist & Consultant

Top Applicants

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flag Expectations

Log in at least once a day, when convenient to you, to answer the daily question posted by the facilitator over the 4-day engagement. This may include open-ended questions, simple surveys and responding to peers.

stars Value

- Enhance your knowledge of new trends in your industry
- Connect with equal-caliber peers and expand your network
- Gain recognition as a thought-leader and build your reputation
- Earn $200 paid immediately after the engagement


Given the focus of this panel, why do you think you are uniquely positioned to provide valuable input? Please be specific about your relevant expertise and the perspective that you represent.