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Innovations in Oral Care

We are assembling a panel of highly accomplished individuals on the topic of "Innovation in Oral Care" and would like to invite you to join. We will discuss a range of themes, including how new innovative ideas come to fruition in Oral Care markets; how dental professionals are educated and enable these new innovations; what are the important factors in product features, information exchange, and marketing that support adoption scale.

This panel will be professionally facilitated. The facilitator is a recognized expert in the industry. He will lead an open discussion and moderate it throughout the panel experience. You will have the unique opportunity to gain and share insights with 15-20 top thought-leaders like you- globally.

Activities include:
1. Engaging and debating a number of defined theme topics
2. Map the innovation landscape (i.e. emerging trends, disruptive tech, etc.)
3. React to the latest media/reports in this space
4. Enjoy the option of one-to-one engagement with other panelists, facilitators, and enterprises.

Participation is 100% online and at your convenience. By applying here, you are committing to participate at least once per week.

peopleSeeking Experts Participation

Dental Professionals:
- Dentists & Hygienists
- Thought, Opinion Leaders

Key influencers that collaborate with the dental field:
- Members of Dental Schools or Associations


Neal Johnson

Principal Consultant at Neal Johnson Consulting

Top Applicants

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At Convenience (No meetings)
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flag Expectations

Virtual panel members log on at least once a week or as inspired to contribute commentary and engage in facilitated discussion with peers.

stars Value

- Learn about new developments and trends in your area of expertise
- Connect with other high-caliber peers and expand your network
- Enhance your reputation as a thought leader on topics matching your passion and expertise
- Become informed about how technology will disrupt the practice of innovation in your industry
- Earn cash prizes through peer recognition

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