The Game Has Changed

KnowledgeStream™ technology connects companies and experts in facilitated dialogues faster than humanly possible. Never expire.

THE KnowledgeStream™ FORMULA

Passionate ML



Machine Learning bots initiate a custom global web search to attract scores of ideal applicants to apply to each engagement.

Expert Pts


Relevance is measured and rewarded by peers to ensure the best vetted insights come to light.

Domain expert facilitators are certified and rated for continual quality.

Clear AI


Human intelligence is aided by technology to produce impactful reports, and premium multimedia content.

USE KnowledgeStreams™ FOR:

PUBLIC & PRIVATE KnowledgeStream™


Individual Thought Leader

Ideal for individuals investing in their own thought leadership.

(Authors, Speakers, Online Leaders)

$1,000 /mo billed anually

  • Custom Sourced Experts info_outline
  • Facilitation Training and Support info_outline
  • Theme Summary Slides and Transcript info_outline


Market Development

Ideal for teams and small companies wanting to engage authentically with their market to learn and innovate and generate premium content.

(Startups, VC's, Program Offices, Associations)

$2,500 /mo billed anually

  • Everything from the Thought Leader plan, plus:
  • Choice of Premium Content info_outline
  • Branded info_outline
  • Promoted info_outline
  • Multiple Team Members info_outline


Strategic Research and Learning

Ideal for vertical marketing or R&D teams wanting to innovate faster and develop a brand for collaborative innovation.

(Research, R&D Teams, Strategy, M&A, Vertical Marketing Teams)

$5,000 /mo billed anually

  • Everything from Market Development plan, plus:
  • Knowledge Network info_outline
  • Embed, CRM and CMS Integration info_outline
  • Private Portal info_outline
  • Option to be Anonymous info_outline
  • Domain Expert Facilitation info_outline
  • A KnowledgeStream must run 3 month minimum per subject.
  • One license required per concurrent KnowledgeStream™.
  • Discounts apply to multiple licenses. Contact us to learn more about multiple licenses or to develop a KnowledgeStream™ practice for your company.

develop a currnt practice

Expand your network of
knowledge creators:

Your KnowledgeStream™ members are automatically added to your Knowledge Network where you can see a history of their work, capture notes, categorize and chat with them one to one. Knowledge Networks are a valuable asset that increase your capacity to innovate.

Empower an

Empowering your people to research, learn and influence through KnowledgeStream™ changes the pace of innovation systematically across divisions or whole organizations.

Partner with

We support white label capabilities allowing you to bake our capabilities into your service offerings.