Virtual Customer Advisory Boards (VCABs) For Customer Obsessive Companies

Traditional customer advisory boards are essential, but difficult to scale and often lack outcomes. Yet every CMO would agree their teams need to engage more with their target customers to stay market fit. Introducing the world's first fully managed, always on, Virtual Customer Advisory Board experience.


Virtual Customer Advisory Boards (VCABs) are facilitated, online dialogues with your target market, that produce always-on customer intelligence, new relationships, and fresh premium content, on an ongoing basis. A week to set up, managed, and wildly affordable, VCABs remove the barriers for your teams to constantly align product, content, community and sales to the actual needs of your customer.

Why Always-on VCABs Work

  • Steady flow of new panel applicants

  • Facilitated dialogue on topics your customers care about

  • Incentives, recognition, and rewards are baked into engagements

  • Complements traditional CABs

  • Tangible outputs delivered biweekly

  • Highly flexible, curated, and specific

format_quoteVCABs are an accelerant to our Account Based Marketing strategy. They help drive a
culture of customer centricity and ensure we have the most relevant content in the
industory on a regular cadence. Gamechanger!format_quote

David Duncan, CMO Enterprise Division, Broadcom

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