Zeke Stevens
Product Development Executive at Cambridge Commodities Ltd

  • Focus: Contributions are valued by peers
  • Accountability: Thoroughly contributes in all areas
  • Sense of Urgency: Consistently responds in a timely fashion
  • Team: Frequently supports and responds to peers

Location: Cambridge, United Kingdom

Awards earned:





Level: LEVEL 02

12 month points: 35 ptsView details

Total points: 35 pts



A passionate individual, dedicated to providing excellent supplemental products into the health, sport and food industries.

A specialist in bringing products from initial concept and formulation to the manufacture of shelf ready units.

A trained public speaker that has presented at various conferences internationally.

Always on the hunt for the latest market trends, pushing popular products forward while ensuring good solid nutrition is always at their core.


Product Development Excecutive

Cambridge Commodities Ltd

August 2016 - Present

A dedicated innovator within all sectors of the food and supplement industry. Combining excellent ingredient knowledge and formulation experience to create highly functional products. Capable of formulating across varying formats including ready to drinks, powder blends, capsules, tablets and functional foods.

Some other key skills developed during my career:
Developing custom flavours both sweet and savory.
Evaluation of potential new ingredients with interesting new properties and applications.
Project manager for research endeavors with universities. Establishing appropriate study designs and protocols to give novel and marketable data.
A passionate public speaker, keen to deliver content on a wide variety of subjects.