Wayne Tarken, CSM, SPHR

Wayne Tarken, CSM, SPHR

CHRO / Adviser helps HR leaders improve HR performance and responsiveness through implementation of Agile HR practices

Profile Summary

I work with HR leaders who are concerned about the pace of change and the impact of business disruptions on their function. They

- Spend lots of time, resources on technology projects with less than stellar results
- Are worried about not keeping pace with increasing business requirements
- Have heard about HR agility but are skeptical, not sure what it is or how to get started
- Are worried that their turnover challenges could impact business results
- Feel that their HRBPs won't have the capabilities (analytics) to lead their transformation initiatives

They realize that their success and careers depends on their ability to more effectively respond to changing conditions

I help them implement agile HR practices to increase HR responsiveness and agility, improve project performance, increase senior leadership satisfaction with HR and alignment with operational goals

We leverage our work with, a global consortium of top 200+ CHROs, to implement new research-based service delivery models and build future HR roles and capabilities

As both a certified scrum master(CSM) & certified HR leader (SPHR), I provide HR with the capability to engage IT leaders on equal terms

If you are an HR leader with some of these questions, please reach out to me

-- How can I implement an Agile program? What initial steps should I take?
-- How can I raise the capabilities of my HR teams to meet future challenges?
-- I have tough systemic challenges with turnover, retention. Can Agile HR help me solve them?
-- How can I improve our HR operations? We need to respond more quickly and effectively
-- We have change management programs that don't to change much. How can we do it better?
-- How can I improve the performance of my senior HR team?
-- What will be the impact of the gig economy, AI and Design Thinking on HR?
-- What future roles with HR need? How will we get ready?

Thanks in advance. Wayne Tarken 609-206-3070


CHRO at SSH Real Estate

Sr Adviser to HR Leaders - Develops Agile HR Practices. Leads Talent, Analytics, Technology projects at Agile HR Consortium

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