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Scott Andersen
Distinguished Solution Architect Verizon

  • Focus: Contributions are valued by peers
  • Accountability: Thoroughly contributes in all areas
  • Sense of Urgency: Consistently responds in a timely fashion
  • Team: Frequently supports and responds to peers

Location: Washington D.C. Metro Area

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Level: LEVEL 04

12 month points: 1867 ptsView details

Total points: 2213 pts

Security 202
IOT 119
Analysis 34
Infrastructure 33
Cybersecurity 19
Governance 19
Integration 15
Strategy 15
Training 12
Big Data 9
Consulting 8
Architecture 7
Automation 6
Management 6
Cloud Computing 5
SaaS 5
Enterprise Software 5
Leadership 5
Process Improvement 5
Business Process 5
Architectures 5
Big data & analytics
Control Systems Design
Life Sciences
Internet of Things
Power Management
continued education
Predictive Maintenance
patient care
Learning & Development
Smart Grid
Human Resource Administration
Industrial Internet
CPG Industry
Control System Design
Control System Development
Human Interface Design
Industrial Control
Systems and Infrastructure
Industrial Controls and Instrumentation
Busines Strategy
Security architecture
Team Building
Enterprise Architecture
Microsoft Exchange
IT Strategy
Microsoft Technologies
Vendor Management
Disaster Recovery
Professional Services
Data Center
Identity Management
Solution Architecture
Team Leadership
Agile Methodologies
Business Analysis
System Deployment
Program Management
Software Development
Solution Selling
Project Portfolio Management
Software Project Management
IT Management
Business Intelligence
Project Planning
Information Technology
Technical Leadership
Requirements Analysis


I began my professional life in an Elementary School classroom now more than 25 years ago. During my time as a teacher I learned four critical lessons. As a teacher you incubate both the ideas, concepts and dreams of your students. You build an environment where you engage with your consumer (customer engagement) and design a solution that will in the end meet their needs. The Architect of where students go.

1. Learning is tied to the interest people have in what you are saying.

2. If everyone is asked to compete regardless of skill or gender than by default the playing field
is equal for all. Skill wins but if you never try you can never find out if you have the skill.

3. Teams always win over individual excellence. When you combine the great people into a great team you create dynasties!

4. Everyone has something to say, everyone has something to contribute.

Since leaving the classroom I have been a computer trainer, help-desk professional, IT owner of electronic communication and a consultant. I have traveled the world. I have worked with CIO’s in many different countries and many different companies. I am a thought leader who shares concepts on the cutting edge of technology. I have been involved with product groups and readiness at a world wide level. I led a team of architects that built architectural guidance for customers, partners and internal professionals. I have led engineering teams for customers, as part of a product group and as a regional and world wide consultant.

I have been a part of, built and managed high preforming teams. From a classroom where you need to quickly build an effective team to move forward, to delivering solutions across large scales
To end with something I have adapted from John Boyd, if you orient the view of the observation to team first, you will get better team decisions later. As a professional I embrace the overall concepts of solution sales in selling consulting engagements.


Founder, CTO and Managing Partner

Creative Technology & Innovation

November 1990 - Present

Creative Technology & Innovation (CT&I) focuses on finding new ways to solve problems. Supporting innovators and innovations as well as designing and developing concepts of what may come. As a company, we support the Society of Dead Teachers (DTS) and their endeavors. CT&I was the primary corporate sponsor of "Kindle the Flame" the magazine of the DTS. We support the authors Scott Andersen and Sandler Boggs. We also consult with Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns looking to launch their new products.

Author Blogs:

Elite Blogger (reviewer) on Yelp
2016, 2017

Kickstarter Superbacker 2015, 2016, 2017
Indiegogo Superbacker 2015, 2016, 2017

Youtube Channel

Member CSA
Member CSA IoT Security working group

Amazon Author Page

IASA Innovation Global ESummit

Member Board of Directors

Iasa Global

May 2012 - Present

I am a member of the IASA Board of Directors.

I first got directly involved with IASA in 2005. During that time I was a member of the original Architecture Training Committee (ATC) which I was later asked to morph into the IASA Board of Education.

IASA is an organization devoted to building and supporting the profession of IT Architecture.

I am the past chairman of the Board of Education for IASA.

Published first code of standards for IT Architects in the ITABoK October 2015. The ethics committee has also put together a formal code of ethics for the IASA Board of Directors.

Presenter IASA Infrastructure Course: 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
Presenter IASA Foundation: 2010, 2011
Presenter IASA World Summit 2010, 2011

Senior Principal Solutions Architect

General Dynamics Information Technology

August 2017 - Present

Working on the Digital Platforms team focused on building and delivering cloud solutions for US Government Agencies. My role spans strategy, delivery and pre-sales.

My focus is on building solutions within the Microsoft Cloud Soluti9on set including Office 365 and Microsoft Azure.

Distinguished Solution Architect

Verizon Enterprise Solutions

August 2018 - Present

As a customer focused CTO my goal to aid my customer's as they consider the systems they have today and the path to what they will have (and need) tomorrow.

  • Jun 2018 - Jul 2018

    Participated on a KnowledgeStream™: "Exploring the Challenges Surrounding Computational and Data Processing in Genomics"

    Computational Genomics
    Genomic analysis
    Statisical Analysis
  • Mar 2018 - Jun 2018

    Participated on a KnowledgeStream™: "Exploring the Strategies for Selling Intellectual Property"

    Intellectual Property Strategy
    Competency Management
    Innovation Development
    Innovation Management
    Patent Strategy
    Research Management
    Ideation & Innovation
  • May 2018

    Participated on a Sprint: "Exploring IoT Video Intelligence Solutions"

  • Dec 2017 - Mar 2018

    Participated on a KnowledgeStream™: "Exploring the Use Cases of IoT Edge Computing"

  • Oct 2017 - Oct 2018

    Participated on a KnowledgeStream™: "The Future of Cyber Security in Transforming Businesses"

    Cloud Security
    Cyber Security
    Cloud Transformation
    Computer Security
  • Dec 2016 - Feb 2017

    Participated on a KnowledgeStream™: "Data Science Programs for IoT Products"

    IOT & big data
    Data Science
    Data Modeling
    Smart Home
    User Data Analysis
    Consumer Package Goods
    CPG Brand Strategy Lifestyle Marketing New Product Innovation
    CPG Innovation
    FMCG brand marketing
    IOT (Internet of Things)
    Experiential Design
  • Sep 2016

    Participated on a Sprint: "Top Tech Trends in Smart Home Appliances"

  • Sep 2016

    Participated on a Sprint: "Top Trends in IoT Protocols for Connected Homes"

    Connected home
    IoT Protocols
  • Sep 2016

    Participated on a Sprint: "Top Trends in IoT for Smart Manufacturing"

  • Jun 2016

    Participated on a Sprint: "People, Process and Technology for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)"

  • Dec 2015

    Participated on a Sprint: "Modular Control Systems Architecture"