Russell Burck, Ph.D.
Russell Burck, Ph.D.
Healing for Healers: Effective Intuitive Problem-Solving Intuitive Spiritual Guide, Healer, and Reader
Greater Chicago Area

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"Gain relief from the stresses of being an allopathic or alternative healer from retired hospital chaplain, clinical ethics consultant, and professor at Rush U Med Ctr. I am highly intuitive and clairvoyant spiritual guide, consultant, and energy healer.
Gain Clarity, Access Inner Higher Guidance & Break Free from Your Fears, Stress, and Whatever Keeps You from Moving On with Intuitive Consulting and/or\ Intuitive Angelic Miracle (I AM) Healing & Intuitive Decision Making." Helping people who have these needs is the mission and passion of Rev. J. Russell Burck, PhD's services as a Certified Intuitive Angelic Miracle (I AM) Healer and Reader and Intuitive Spiritual Guide.

Contact me for a "discovery" session of about 30 minutes to explore your questions, issues, and needs.



Russell Burck Intuitive Consulting

July 2013 - Present

Russell Burck Consulting 1) helps healers "love being healers again" after caring for patients has left them feeling hurt or distressed; 2) helps healers align their chosen professions with their purpose for being in the world; 3) helps others whom Intuitive Spiritual Guidance (ISG) and Hand Analysis (HA) can help answer troubling questions.
"Intuitive": you and I consult our own intuitions to dig into the question you bring to the conversation. "Spiritual": Changes in your life alter your core identity. You weren't a mother, now you are. You used to be a student, now you're a licensed healer. Changes in systems, like requirements for electronic medical records, impact your well-being and affect the way you practice. My ISG clients report significant relief, clarity and energy for their next step.
Some professional discomfort comes from being a little out of place. When I tried to create a business helping retirees supplement their fixed income, my first client said, “When you talk about retirement income, you sound like you’re saying what you have to. But when you talk about hand analysis, your face brightens. You come alive.”
Ouch. Thank you.
Hand analysis taught me that I am an extremely gifted intuitive.
Hand Analysis can help you determine whether you're in the field best suited to you or whether professional adjustments would help. For example, you may be more satisfied professionally if you add speaking to your mix of services.
I create educational programs for healers from what I learn providing Intuitive Spiritual Guidance and Hand Analysis.
I got into ISG and HA through a quest for my life purpose. Through HA I learned that I have extremely rare gifts of intuition and that ISG would be an excellent way for me to serve people.

If you're stuck on a question in your life, why not try a deep, complimentary "discovery" consideration of your questions, issues, and needs? It is intended to give you real help as well. Schedule with Calendly HERE, NOW!

Ethics Columnist, Talk Monthly, Enneagram Association in the Narrative Tradition

Enneagram Association in the Narrative Tradition

January 2004 - Present

I write an occasional column for this journal about ethics and ethical issues facing Enneagram Teachers in the Narrative Tradition.