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Raoul Gruenberg

Proven Executive: Best Practices + Worldwide Vertical Expertise at Green Mountain & Associates

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Even though I am a garmento and salesman by trade, I’ll always be a marketeer at heart. I have a passion for exceeding customers’ expectations; problem solving; and setting up companies and team members for success not failure. Currently, I’m a strategic consultant and private label marketing specialist for companies focused on virtual financial software; virtual AMP office supplies; wholesale, retail, and eCommerce apparel, footwear, and/or accessories which means that I hit the deck running enthusiastically bringing to them an optimal strategy, dynamic structure, and winning culture for profitably growing their businesses. I have a knack for being a very strong administrator who is very well grounded in all aspects of running a fast paced, complex business, whether B2B or B2C; managing others so they feel like a partner not a employee or vendor; always keeping my cool under pressure; and being someone you can rely on. P.S. Raoul Gruenberg possesses a wealth of skills, background, and expertise with a strong work ethic; previously holding executive positions as a Chief Operating Officer, Vice President of Operations, General Merchandising Manager, and Vice President of Sales. You will not find anyone else who can do a better job than Raoul; you will be thrilled with the results., 310.994.3022
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President of Consulting Group at Green Mountain & Associates
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A curation on market and consumer trends, drivers, opportunities, challenges and the effect on brands as CPG companies are joining the direct-to-consumer wave.

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Retail - Sensing Trends and Disruptions Impacting the Retail Workforce
We're assembling an online advisory panel to explore the trends and disruptions impacting the retail and e-commerce workforce. Specifically, we'll discuss the technological, social, economic, demographic, environmental, and geopolitical shifts that are shaping the future workforce landscape in retail.
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The Future of Direct-to-Consumer Marketing in the US
We want to understand the insights and targeting needs of direct to consumer marketers. We are launching a product called the Merchant Tracker which enables companies to compare their sales and share to named competitors. It leverages payment data from more than 40M HHs. We believe this could meet needs of D2C marketers, but it may require changes to the UI, etc.
The Startup Journey: Path to Partnerships
Second Design Sprint on P&G Ventures and Start-ups.
Now that the updated brand, assets, and communications are in the marketplace, PGV needs to establish a second baseline. This time to further understand start-ups’ path to partnership, current awareness of PGV, barriers to trial, reaction to the revised brand, communication, and how PGV can secure better alliances. Helping to ascertain anything PGV needs to do, where it needs to be, and how it needs to better communicate.
Building Consumer Trust
- How are the best companies and brands building consumer trust?
- In what ways can brands successfully communicate to the market about the safety of their solutions?
- What factors do consumers and other stakeholders care about most, and what trends, drivers and frictions are influencing their thinking?
- What practices are brands exploring to effectively build trust?
Future of Working Capital Solutions for B2B Small Business
Baton was created to give small businesses the power to finance their own growth and prosperity instead of their customers’ purchases (accounts receivables). This Advisory Board will bring together Small Business owners to discuss current business challenges and shape the future for small businesses selling on invoice terms. Members will share their real-world experiences, future state visions and provide product / market fit feedback to Baton.

For our first Theme: We want to confirm our understanding the biggest issues that selling on invoice terms create for business.
What are the top pain points a business experiences by extending invoice terms to your B2B customers. Under what circumstances would a business owner consider using a financial product such as ours. Value Proposition validation.
The Future of Employee Benefits for Small Business
small business insurance benefits
Overcoming the Challenges of Slow Moving Inventory
what are the top challenges of managing slow moving inventory
Driving Open Innovation Through Corporate Employee Ideation Campaigns
Corporate experience with launching employee ideation campaigns
Leveraging Strategic Partnerships to Accelerate Growth in Startups
We're assembling an online advisory panel to explore the growth, profitability, and investment journey of direct to consumer start-ups. We'll discuss a range of current and emerging issues, such as accelerating growth through strategic partnerships, building an ecosystem, funding models, expanding capability, and beyond.

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