Rajesh Sahasrabuddhe
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Cost-effectiveness analysis of digital therapeutics for home-based cardiac rehabilitation for patients with chronic heart failure: model development and data analysis | Cost Effectiveness and Resource Allocation | Full Text
Weather Perils and Carbon Policies - The Actuary MagazineFacebookInstagramLinkedInTwitterYouTubeFacebookInstagramLinkedInTwitterYouTubeFacebookInstagramLinkedInTwitterYouTube
All You Need to Know about HIPAA Compliance | Endpoint Protectorexplainer-c_compliant-industry
5 Ways how Intelligent Workflows in redefining the Insurance sector
Transforming Finance: The AI and Big Data Revolution - Oxford
International Internet Fraud Awareness Week
Current AI Trends In Insurance And The Factors Shaping Its Future – Avenga
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Rajesh Sahasrabuddhe

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