Paul Wilkinson

Paul Wilkinson

Head of Technology Research at Tesco Labs at Tesco Labs

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An expert in understanding the challenges of a large, complicated organisation and leveraging emerging technology to address them in novel ways. Instrumental in the creation and ongoing success of Tesco Labs.
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Head of Technology Research and Open Innovation at Tesco
Head of Product for Space, Range and Display at Tesco
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The Retail Store of the Future
The grocery store of the future
Technologies Transforming the Future of Brick & Mortar Retailers
- Barriers of tech adoption by Brick & Mortar retail?
- Bridge the disconnect between business and technology stakeholders
- Looking at technologies such as artificial intelligence, IoT, digital CX, e-commerce, omni-channel
Digital Disruptions Impacting Retail Industry
We want to explore how retail leaders are managing the rapid digitization of retail while under extreme cost pressure. "Digitizing Retail -Accelerating the journey, while reducing the cost"
Future of Headless E-Commerce in CPG & Retail
1. Headless Commerce:
a. What is headless architecture and how does it drive enhanced commerce compared to traditional architectures
b. What are the key differences in process/approach/governance compared to traditional commerce
c. What are the impact if any on consumer mobile and web journeys
d. How/where is the market for this and any early adopters etc.,
e. When to use / use cases for micro-services / headless commerce?
f. What are some of the challenges of adopting headless commerce?
g. What type of change management is required for leveraging headless commerce?
h. What is in it for business for going down the headless commerce route?
i. What are the best practices for leveraging headless commerce?

Below are the clarifications to your queries:
1. We would need to prioritize Headless Commerce and get some views from industry leaders on the same. Though, there is a plausible overlap between both these topics, but we would like to keep the research process separate.
2. We request expert opinions from - Head of eCommerce, CTO/CIO, headless commerce architects, Channel partners, Sales and Marketing leadership for D2C sales.

a. How are CPG companies adopting and influencing to the sales through retail channel partners?
b. What are the key metrics being measured and how?
c. How are trade promotion effectiveness manages in an online world for CPG companies?
d. What kind of tools and technology is used to work with online channel
e. What kind of organization needs to be in place to work with digital retail for CPG companies?
The Future of Blockchain in Retail & CPG Supply Chains
The future of blockchain in retail & cpg supply chain -- exploring best practices across the industry
Transforming Traditional Retail with Artificial Intelligence
How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Traditional Retail
Exploring IoT Video Intelligence Solutions (Mon, May 7th)
IoT Video Intelligence Solutions
The Future of the Retail & Commerce Landscape
Future of Commerce Landscape, who will Survive & Flourish and Why!

Our title sponsor; Mavatar is a technology company building solutions that changes the way people shop, sell and advertise. We are a signature sponsor at and would like to discuss these topics in the upcoming summit in Napa Valley.

C-Commerce is for "Consumer-Centric, Contextual, Crypto, Collaborative and Connected Commerce".

Customers have more purchasing options these days, than they have ever had.
In order to attract those shoppers Online and Brick & Mortar retailers, have to create the most transparent and consumer-centric experience which is secure, scalable without threatening their privacy. These solutions have to make shopping engaging, social, rewarding, offering shoppers the best value for the time and money spent with ease of locating, trying out, exchange and return of any goods.

With the popularity of consumer-centric, omnichannel and revolutionary technologies such as Blockchain, AI, VR/AR, IoT providing total transparency and many other amazing features are achievable at this time.

With the advent of GDPR, and many governments are now enforcing severe user privacy policies to protect their citizens. Facebook and other media companies have changed their business models from PUSH advertising to PULL advertising User-generated advertising and scalable influence marketing seems like the next resort for the industry.

C-Commerce Summit attendees are looking from experts like you to clearly define and pave the future for commerce, which will change the way people shop, sell and advertise.

We would like to invite you to look into the following topics and bring your ideas forward. As a leader if your panel description (500 word limit) will be approved, you will have opportunity to apply for a VIP seat and possibly moderating your panel.

C-Commerce Summit excited to bring founders, C-suite and executives from multi-billion dollar retail, media, commercial real estate and retail technology companies who will be sharing their needs, solutions and learnings in this by-invitation only forum Napa (Wine Country), Ca. Your VIP registration will be covered by Mavatar.

These are the panel topics we are considering, but we are open to your suggestions:

- Complying with GDPR and Privacy Regulations
- Leveraging User-Generated advertising and influence Marketing to create a sustainable and crowdsourced salesforce.
- Closing the gap between online and offline sales, shopping and advertising
- New ways to incentivize shoppers, brand ambassadors and eliminating middlemen and bottleneck
- Creating branded affiliatenetwork platform without the back office overhead
- Enabling Cost Per Transaction (CPT) with total transparency on ROI & reducing overall cost, instead of phony metrics such as CPM, CPC, CTR, with no clear ROI adding unnecessary cost to bottom line.
- Tracking every ad dollar to actual sales dollar with total transparency in the full sales cycle.
- Leveraging new contextual, connected and blockchain-based marketplace to compete with likes' of Amazon's fragmented marketplace.
- Leveraging Blockchain and/or Cryptocurrency for processing millions of micro-payments without any back-office overhead
- Leveraging AI, AR, VR, IOT and other emerging technologies to create more fun, satisfying, rewarding, captivating, secure and transparent ominchannel shopping experience.

The Future of Crowdsourcing Platforms
The future of crowdsourcing. Currently there are a number of different ways to engage external groups of people to complete work. We'd like to engage experts that know something about what companies are creating platforms that make crowds easily accessible, how corporations are engaging in crowdsourcing, and how new technology will keep making it easier and easier to engage experts, consumers, and people with niche skill sets from around the world to complete work in a more innovative way than current models companies incorporate.
Bringing Innovation into Company Workflow
Evolutionary Changes in the Pace of Innovation -Explore how New Data Sources, Analytics, Access to Experts are intersecting to impact businesses to innovate faster and keep up with the increased pace of their respective markets. What needs to be true about the future solutions that finally move innovation out of the program office and into the workflow of business?
The Future of CPG in an Era of eCommerce and Friction-less Markets
The future of CPG in an era of frictionless, manufacturing, supply chain, and eCommerce
The Future of Department Store Retailers
As physical retailers decline, how must retailers transform their department stores (e.g. Nordstrom, Macy's, Bloomingdales) to compete in today's economy? For examples, Westfield is using digital innovation and prime physical location to enrich consumers’ experiences.

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