Mike Wittenstein
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Mike Wittenstein

Inspiring and articulate Strategic Storyteller and Experience Designer who helps service leaders make successful pivots.

Greater Atlanta Area

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I never thought I'd be a storyteller or experience designer. All you need is a look at the English grades on my high school report card to figure that out ;-) Now, story and experience are at the core of everything I do. About 20 years ago I learned that great stories (about you or your brand) come from great experiences (with you or your brand). So, the better the experience, the better the story. A great experience is truly the birthplace of word-of-mouth. That's always been important, but in today's driven-at-the-speed-of-social-media world, it's more than true. It's essential to future success.

So, now you know. The two things that turn me on professionally are story and experience. I've helped about 700 companies understand the power of combining them with purpose since starting StoryMiners in 2002. Along the way, some great clients have given me the chance to try and perfect some new methods that seem counterintuitive, but deliver amazing and long-lasting results. To them, I'm grateful because now we have tools that can unshackle incremental gains thinking and get to higher levels of value creation.

For example, when I'm asked to help someone find their company's next Point B and show them how to get there, we turn to story and experience. First, we ask "What are the stories people are telling about the company now? and What unmet needs are behind those stories?" Then, we figure out the best experience design—the one that will create value for customers, engage employees, and help the company thrive. These clients' strategies usually go from "Get me 10% more sales!" to designing the experience (and the capabilities needed to deliver it) that delivers the greatest value for their customers. This approach relies on the same break-the-mold approach category leaders like Apple, Uber, PIRCH, Build-a-Bear, and others have relied on for their successes. Using story and experience, small- and mid-cap companies can do it too!


Founder/Managing Partner


January 2002 - Present

International Conference Speaker and Business Consultant

Mike Wittenstein Speaks

January 2002 - Present

Founder + Chief Experience Designer/Storyteller


January 2002 - Present

StoryMiners' is one of the world's first strategic storytelling and experience design consultancies. We help small- and mid-cap service brand leaders (especially those that see their customers face-to-face) increase their ability to create value, engage their employees, and deliver better returns.

StoryMiners specializes in working with firms facing a pivot who need a focused peek at what the future holds and a clear, practical roadmap to get there. We offer services in four ways: workshops, projects, on-going support, and as agency of record for experience design and strategic storytelling.

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January 2002 - Present

Chief Experience Maker Mike Wittenstein presents around the globe to companies, associations, and management teams.

His presentations, webinars, and workshops introduce valuable, practical ideas to help handle the disruptions (and opportunities) that come from change. Leadership teams often worry about low customer retention, high complaint levels, dwindling or stagnant market share, and increased competition. Mike shares real-world stories of big and small brands who have overcome these challenges by thinking differently about the kinds of value they create value for their customers, then he unpacks how they did it and shows how you can do it at a lower cost than competitors.

Mike is a pioneer who closes the gap between what's new and how to make it practical. His real-world experience as a designer, consultant, and facilitator has taught him how to help his clients get the results they need in the time they need and with the resources they have.

If you are looking for an inspiring speaker, quick-on-his-feet panelist, or workshop leader who can introduce your team or audience to new best practices, get them excited about thinking differently, and help them make your business better at delivering what customers want most, invite Mike to contribute to your next event. His work will be both memorable and actionable.

To invite Mike to present to your team or audience, contact or call +1 770.425.9830.

Certified CX Workout™ Advisor

CX Workout

January 2018 - Present

I help corporate teams quickly transform their experiences using CX Workout's rapid-deployment platform. Customer insights, journey mapping, and qualitative research are all bundled into a single platform which allows considered decisions about a firm's direction to be made quickly without a sacrifice in quality.

Executive Consultant, Board Member

Executive Experience Consultants

December 2017 - Present

I participate on international projects with colleagues from around the world to help their clients improve their customer experiences and their business results. Most work centers on creating new services, revenue streams, and helping modernize cultures. The same international team brings their unique perspectives to North American assignments I bring them into.

Global Keynote Speaker and Workshop Facilitator

Mike Wittenstein Speaks

January 2010 - Present

It takes 250 documented and paid speeches plus multiple peer reviews to earn one's CSP (certified speaking professional designation from the National Speakers Association). ✔︎
It takes 45 presentations, special projects, volunteer leadership, and peer recommendations to earn one's DTM (distinguished toastmasters designation from Toastmasters International.) ✔︎
It takes 100,000+ frequent flyer miles to reach 100 cities in 24 countries and work in four languages (English, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian) ✔︎
It takes years of study and one super hard exam to become a CCXP (certified customer experience professional, a designation granted by the Customer Experience Professionals Association) ✔︎
It takes a love of people, love of one's craft, and a tireless passion for learning to stay fresh and relevant ✔︎

Founder + Lead Coach

CX Coaches

September 2018 - Present

I started CX Coaches to meet the get-me-up-to-speed-and-help-me-thrive need mid- and senior-level corporate employees have when they take on new customer experience (CX) responsibilities. CX Coaches matches each executive with a seasoned and compatible CX and general business professional who helps them maximize their effectiveness, avoid blindspots, and achieve higher career satisfaction.

Coaching is provided remotely, at scheduled sessions, and face-to-face (it's easier in Atlanta, possible in other locations). Frequency is typically 2x/month with unlimited email and phone support in between sessions. StoryMiners has provided coaching to dozens of CX and general business executives over the years, helping them achieve results faster and build stronger cultures along the way.