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Mike Anthony

Make brands grow at retail: Speaker, Writer, Consultant, Trainer & Coach. at engage ltd

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An experienced consumer goods marketing and sales leader with experience spanning three continents. Now a consultant, author, speaker, trainer and coach, helping leading brands and retailers navigate today's retail challenges - shopper first!
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  • Mar 2021 - Dec 2021

    Participated in a KnowledgeStream™: "Small Business Leaders and SMBs Outlook on the Future"

  • Jun 2021 - Aug 2021

    Participated in a KnowledgeStream™: "The Future of Sustainability for Consumer Health Products"

  • Oct 2020 - Mar 2021

    Participated in a KnowledgeStream™: "The Future of Ingredient and Product Transparency"

  • Feb 2021

    Participated in a Sprint: "Driving Value by Optimizing Product Portfolio and Packaging for Kingsford"

  • Sep 2020 - Jan 2021

    Participated in a KnowledgeStream™: "The Future of Working From Home for Small Businesses"

  • Jul 2020 - Oct 2020

    Participated in a KnowledgeStream™: "Driving Consumer Engagement Post-Purchase"

  • Feb 2020 - Aug 2020

    Participated in a KnowledgeStream™: "Building Consumer Trust"

  • Apr 2020 - Jul 2020

    Participated in a KnowledgeStream™: "The Impact of Coronavirus on Dining, Meal Preparation, and Food Retail"

  • Mar 2020 - Jun 2020

    Participated in a KnowledgeStream™: "The Future of Retail Technology"

  • Apr 2020 - May 2020

    Participated in a KnowledgeStream™: "The Future of Retail and Commerce in North America"

  • Apr 2020

    Participated in a Sprint: "The Future of SKU Portfolio Management for Retail Consumer Brands"

  • Since Feb 2020

    Participating in a Map: "Retail - Sensing Trends and Disruptions Impacting the Retail Workforce"

  • Feb 2020 - May 2022

    Participated in a Map: "Retail - Sensing Trends and Disruptions Impacting the Retail Workforce"

  • Oct 2019 - Feb 2020

    Participated in a KnowledgeStream™: "Digital Disruptions Impacting Retail Industry"

  • 31 Dec 2019

    Answered a question on OpenForum: "Reduce stress"

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Retail - Sensing Trends and Disruptions Impacting the Retail Workforce
We're assembling an online advisory panel to explore the trends and disruptions impacting the retail and e-commerce workforce. Specifically, we'll discuss the technological, social, economic, demographic, environmental, and geopolitical shifts that are shaping the future workforce landscape in retail.
Development of Creative and Engaging Snack Packaging
As snack companies look to deliver more unique experiences, we want to explore innovations in packaging that can create a unique, fun, and playful experience for consumers.
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Small Business Leaders and SMBs Outlook on the Future
As we continue to move through the pandemic, our objective is to learn from a range of small & medium business owners and business leaders about their challenges, needs, and attitudes towards managing and growing their business, and the trends that may affect their business. We want to explore the needs and priorities for services and tools to sustain and grow their businesses, in areas such as technology, financial services, and logistics and transportation.

This is a unique opportunity for passionate, expert professionals to join 20+ panelists to advance the thinking in this field. This engagement is moderated by an expert Facilitator and is open asynchronously, around-the-clock for your convenience.

Every two weeks, the facilitator will introduce a new subtopic – each theme exploring a new facet related to how to create small & medium business growth into the future.
The Always-On Learning Culture: Keeping Pace with Future of Work Demand
As markets are shifting faster than ever, we are looking to explore how companies are adapting to an accelerating pace of change and the need for empathy in business by creating an always-on learning culture.
The Future of Sustainability for Consumer Health Products
As companies look at connecting human health to the health of the planet, we are looking to develop more sustainable consumer health products from sustainable sourcing of materials to reducing manufacturing waste to increasing packaging recyclability. Companies must clearly understand where sustainability is today, where it is headed in the future, determine how to best apply it to their business model, future product portfolios, and where to place big bets.
The Future of Marketing Data and Privacy
Marketers today have become awash in data and many don’t know how good the data they are using actually is. Low-quality data leads to ineffective marketing and wasted spend which underscores the importance of first-party data. In our panel, we will explore the challenges in ensuring data is high-quality, the barriers in data collection, and discuss solutions around data in a privacy-centric world.
Business In A Remote World
A curation on ways to navigate your business and support customers and employees in a remote world. From transitioning to a remote business model, to supporting and protecting employees, and providing customers with amazing remote experiences.

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The Retail Store of the Future
The grocery store of the future
The Global Work-from-Home Experience: Trends, Tools and Best Practices
Industries and markets are rapidly changing, and companies and people have to adjust to a new norm quickly. Businesses of all types and sizes are forced to find new ways of digital collaboration, virtual engagement and remote leadership. This SmartGroup™ of thought leaders is dedicated to exploring and understanding the biggest trends, latest tools and best practices of how to stay connected and remain successful while working from home in the weeks and months ahead. Our goal is to define and develop an advanced Remote-Working-Solutions Toolkit for companies. SmartGroup™ members nominate and vote on future topics to explore as the platform curates’ monthly reports that develop the reputation of its contributors and enable other professionals to stay relevant on the topic.
The Future of Ingredient and Product Transparency
Identify what really matters to consumers and how brands can effectively implement a product transparency strategy.
Driving Value by Optimizing Product Portfolio and Packaging for Consumer Products
Lower cost by identifying opportunities to improve the benefit/complexity ratio of the current product portfolio.
2021 and Beyond: Packaging Adapting To A New Reality
The Packaging Industry is a key player as consumers and other sectors adapt to a new normal. The goal of this online Expert Panel is to understand how consumer goods packaging (CPG) can get through the crisis, adjust and take advantage of new opportunities. From the changes in consumer perception and behavior, as well as the supply challenges faced, we want to take the lessons learned during the pandemic to understand what the consumer goods industry and suppliers that serve them are doing to meet the needs of the new normal.

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