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Marsha Williams

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Marsha Williams has over 25 years of executive technology experience across a diverse set of industries including manufacturing, medical device, pharmaceutical, transportation, energy, criminal justice, and various private equity environments. Ms. Williams has served as the Vice President and Chief Information Officer of several publicly held companies working in both the United States and Europe including Sorin Group S.p.A, COBE Cardiovascular, Gambro Renal Care, and BI Incorporated. Additionally, she was a partner at Tatum LLC which is a management and advisory services firm assisting companies with strategic challenges that can occur at various stages of the business life cycle. Throughout her career Marsha has pursued the innovative use of technology to drive business growth. This resulted in the introduction of numerous market changing technologies related to intelligent vehicle identification and capture, mobile offender monitoring and biometric verification, configurable surgical supplies, and revenue stream automation for fossil fuel extraction. Marsha has been actively involved in FIRST since 2005, was awarded Volunteer of the Year by ColoradoFIRST in 2013, and began serving on the ColoradoFIRST Board of Directors in October 2017. Marsha has served on the Board of Directors for the Society of Information Management, and the Advisory Board of United Launch Alliance and Warren Occupation Technical Center (aka Warren Tech). She has also received recognition as the Business and Professional Women’s Woman of the Year and finalist in the Denver Business Journal CIO of the Year award. Ms. Williams holds a Master’s Degree in Technology Management from University of Denver and a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science.


Vice President of Software Solutions and Information Technology

BI Incorporated

October 2016 - July 2017

Responsible for aligning technology and product offerings within the enterprise, including BI Divisional Headquarters in Boulder, more than 60 Program Field Offices across the United States, Monitoring Operations Center in Indiana, Protocol Government Solutions Center in Illinois, and all 24/7 mission critical data centers supporting BI’s continuum of life safety products and services. Expanded the strategic direction for BI Labs in the IoT product lines (R&D), refined agile software development methodology, enterprise architecture, software engineering, software quality assurance testing, and customer facing production operations and infrastructure.

CIO and Technology Director

E-470 Public Highway Authority

November 2011 - October 2016

In 1987, the Public Highway Authority Act was passed by the Colorado State Legislature, giving the E-470 Public Highway Authority the power to do everything needed to plan, design, finance, construct, and operate the toll highway. E-470 is operated by the Authority and financed without state or federal funding or taxes. E-470 relies primarily on toll revenues as well as vehicle registration fees, investment income, and other non-toll revenues.

Responsible for E-470 and ExpressToll™ technology platforms including roadway automation, imagery, end-to-end transaction management, call center services, customer and merchant financial processing, strategic planning, and overall business management as a member of the Executive Team.

CIO Partner

Tatum LLC

January 2007 - December 2007

Business development and engagements in the areas of interim IT Leadership, Regulatory Compliance, ERP initiatives, Outsourcing Management and Negotiations, Infrastructure Assessments, and IT Strategy for various manufacturing and service related firms.

- Created and implemented a three year Strategic Technology plan for a start-up pharmaceutical firm incorporating both short term technology initiatives and longer term business objectives. By working across all functions achieved consensus on strategic objectives which translated into a plan addressing key areas of knowledge management, sales force automation, regulatory compliance, telecommunications, technology architecture, and organizational staffing/outsource management.

- Information Technology Advisor for a rapidly growing service and consulting business suffering from a flawed system implementation. Services provided included conducting an in-depth analysis of the entire technology function including ability to report financial information on a timely basis and providing necessary tools for field management to continue significant business development efforts.

- Interim CIO for a Los Angeles $7B Fortune 500 company successfully creating a new division to focus on the creation and delivery of IT services. Combined previously disparate IT functions into a sustainable and strategic function focused on delivering value.


Sorin Group SpA

June 2006 - June 2006

Global responsibility for Information Technology strategy, identifying and driving corporate initiatives, targeting process improvements, and streamlining service delivery, support, and vendor management in an extremely high paced turnaround environment spread across 18 countries.

- Created and implemented a global IT Strategy aligned with emerging business strategies and initiatives, primarily focused on harmonizing and integrating environments in eight global manufacturing facilities and more than 20 sales and distribution locations.

- Negotiated a savings of €7M through a new outsourcing implementation that increased service levels, provided alignment with new business objectives, and created an in-house team with ownership of critical initiatives.

- Implemented regulatory compliance protocols for multiple agencies across the global enterprise and rectified compliance issues in several countries.

- Designed and implemented a global financial and reporting system in less than 9 months to meet financial compliance requirements for publicly traded entities which was vital to the successful IPO of the company.

Vice President and CIO

Cobe Cardiovascular, Inc.

January 1997 - January 2002

Established strategic direction for the application of new technologies and managed operations of the information technology organization for six companies including multiple acquisitions.

- Created a world-wide data warehouse enabling same day visibility to sales, inventory, and financial information.

- Implemented a consolidated ERP system for all North American manufacturing, finance, and supply chain functions covering discrete and process manufacturing.

- Achieved annual savings of $32M and increased operations performance through management of more than 50 business process re-engineering efforts (including sales forecasting, complaint handling, product offering standardization, and obsolete inventory reduction) across all functions and throughout North America.


Rhapsody Solutions LLC

January 2008 - Present

Rhapsody Solutions is focused on solving complex business problems with an emphasis on the interplay between technology and process:

- Strategy, vendor selection, redesign, and implementation of a new revenue stream process for a publicly traded mining company. Project encompassed new software and process redesign for multiple aspects of the business resulting in the first fully-automated sales-to-delivery platform in their industry.

- Completion and implementation of a technology roadmap for a wind energy services company suffering from disparate IT systems spread across multiple countries. Solutions addressed technology infrastructure, technology organization development, and core ERP and CRM systems.

- Technology assessment, three year strategic plan (technology and organization), and budget model for a publicly traded oil and gas entity that recently moved and consolidated the corporate headquarters in Denver.

- Establishment of a separate systems landscape as part of a carve-out transaction enabling divestiture by the private equity owners. Scope included all functions within finance, manufacturing, field service, and distribution transitioning from a traditional data center model to a fully outsourced managed services environment.

Advisory Board Member

United Launch Alliance (ULA)

January 2012 - December 2015

Board Member

Colorado Robotics

October 2017 - Present

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