Luis Vargas
Luis Vargas

No matter the Scope, KPI has YOU Covered - Technical & Strategic Leader and Consultant

Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida Area

  • Focus: Contributions are valued by peers
  • Accountability: Thoroughly contributes in all areas
  • Sense of Urgency: Consistently responds in a timely fashion
  • Team: Frequently supports and responds to peers

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Rating: 4.57/5 stars (877 ratings)

Level: LEVEL 04 (12mo pts: 2471 pts)

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Construction 44
Submittals 20
Employee Engagement 6
Optimization 3
Human Resources 2
Performance Management 2
Mechanical Engineering
Construction Management
Construction observation and certification
Construction Drawings
Sustainable Design
Design Research
HR Policies
HR Consulting
Management Consulting
Talent Management
Employee Relations


Strategic Leader, Management Consultant, Electrical and Power Systems Engineer - as engineer, worked with planning, design, construction, operations and maintenance of systems from low voltage DC to high voltage transmission lines and all in-between. As management consultant, helped companies establish strategies for continuous improvement and success. As strategic leader, challenge the status quo and through a forward thinking mindset, exceed client expectations.

Managing 39 of 52 projects over the last 4 years, I am a self-starter with a demonstrated ability to motivate others and produce significant work. These projects represented design fees of over $4MM and construction fees of over $195MM along with over $1.6MM and $30MM in profit respectively for a national electrical contractor.

Projects: utility scale renewable energy and storage, vertical construction such as multi-family/multi-use properties, commercial, industrial, utility systems, and various specialty projects

Licensed in 21 states and PR. Looking forward to assisting you with your entrepreneurial ideas and endeavors with expertise to plan and design the systems taking power from the distributed generation source to the consuming device.

To discuss our collaborations, please call me at 813-714-0462

Professional Engineer - FL, AL, AZ, CA, CO, DC, GA, KY, LA, MD, ME, MN, MS, NC, NJ, NY, OK, PA, SC, TN, TX, PR, VA

Business: Leadership & Team Building • Corporate Strategy • Org. Dev. & Change Management • Merger/Corporate Culture Assessments • Diversity Training/Initiatives • Best Practices (technical, operational, and benefits) Benchmarking • Contract Negotiation & Management • Construction, Project, Operations, & Program Management • Procurement of Resources (human and material) • RFQ and RFP Management (development and evaluation) • Short/Long-term Planning • Human Resource Management • “Selection for Excellence” & Work Force Preparedness • Subsidiary Operations & P&L


Vice President

KPI Engineering, Inc.

February 2017 - Present

KPI Engineering Inc is a mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection (MEP/FP) design firm located in west central Florida. The MEP firm and its professionals established their roots in performance contracting. They worked with complex energy efficiency projects before sustainability became a buzz word.

KPI Engineering was created from Kenyon & Partners - an engineering and construction firm. Kenyon & Partners continues to provide outstanding construction and maintenance services for its clients with an emphasis on mechanical and related systems. The company also performs general contracting and construction management services on a variety of other projects. Our maintenance services team has done so well maintaining and optimizing the performance of systems for clients, the team will break off into their own organization this year.

The bottom line - KPI's professionals are mindful of cost, energy efficiency, and have a unique connection to the construction and operations side of the equation. It is a unique blend of skills that result in cost-effective designs that take initial construction and ongoing operations into account. KPI Professionals apply this knowledge to project specific needs - first cost, operational efficiency, or both. KPI looks forward to helping you meet your MEP/FP design needs.

I look forward to talking to you about your project - (813) 714-0462,

Personal Responsibilities:
Remove any obstacles in the way of the success of our outstanding MEP/FP design professionals
Influence company strategic direction, daily operations, client management, and ultimately the best service delivery possible
Provide project design support using knowledge gained for all disciplines - in particular, over 28 years experience delivering electrical and power systems design, operations and construction services - a great compliment to an already strong team of professionals

Chief Executive Strategic & Problem Solving Officer

offering PowerFUL Solutions (Luis G Vargas Jr, PE)

March 2009 - Present

Businesses face many challenges - Any project can affect success - PowerFUL Solutions provides FULL technical and strategic consulting
1. Electrical and power systems planning, design, construction, and upgrades
2. Owner's Representative / Financing Institution Construction Observations
3. Contract negotiations and management
4. Risk assessment and mitigation
5. Project, program, and construction management
6. Organizational Development and Strategy
7. Continuous Improvement, Process Optimization, and Change Management
Corporate strategic goals for (short and long-term) ultimate success coupled with effective management of new initiatives considering project impacts. Change management and readiness assessment to ensure team's ability to optimize benefits. Whether technical or strategic, let PowerFUL Solutions help you successfully tackle any challenge!

Recent Projects:
• Consultant - EnviroPower Renewable Inc, Nitebloom Energy
• One-line diagram for interconnection application of a 100MW Wast to Energy and Renewable Energy Power Plant
• Electrical Designs for renovated printing company offices
• Electrical design for 3 - 5MW (5 - 1MW independent blocks each) Community Solar Gardens in MN
• Technical and strategic advice on energy storage, efficiency, and renewable energy generation projects in NM, TX, CA, and FL
• New electrical system and service review and re-design for microbrewing facility
• Improving creativity and collaboration - coached team to develop new ways to tap into creativity of current staff generating $500,000 in savings from new ideas
• Evaluation and preparation of electrical service and switchgear redesign for large manufacturing plant
• Interconnection requirements, application, and process coordination for large scale wind power plant project
• Strategy/preparation of RFQ response for smart grid readiness project
• Developed regional strategic and organizational plan for large engineering consulting firm


Independent Writer

July 1991 - Present

Writer - expressions of life and its experiences
• Stories from the Heart Series – short stories of life and every day miracles
• Life Significance Series – how our experiences shape who we are and become
• Lessons from the bench Series – links between youth sports and life
• Ghost writer – development of stories that touch our hearts for others
• Others

Consulting Power Systems Engineer

EnviroPower Renewable Inc.

August 2018 - Present

Provide high level Energy Delivery System interconnection and integration guidance to EnviroPower Renewable (EPR) to achieve success in their design, construction, and operation of National and International Gasification Waste to Energy (WTE) power plants. While the plants have a special emphasis on gasification of multiple waste streams and mixed fuels, they also include mixed sources such as solar and wind to establish an optimized project portfolio. The innovative gasifier designs pioneered by EPR are among the cleanest and most cost effective available making their plants attractive to a wide range of applications.

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