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What I Do: I fund viable projects of societal value $3m to $6b or more, I help businesses in the USA get all the tax savings and expense reduction they're entitled to. I've consulted for many companies.

How I Do It: Our company CFSI, provides funding for Commercial Real Estate, Business Loans, Start-Ups, Specialized Tax Savings, Cost Segregation, Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC), Property Tax Mitigation and More.

Contact Me: Joseph P. Tufo "Joe" Phone 1.925.352.6000 Email Online since 1992.

“I’ve known Joe for over a decade. He is a complete Pro. He has earned my highest reference and recommendation. I am a licensed Financial Advisor and have had him speak at events I have put on for my students. He did an admirable job. Keep up the great work Joe helping those out so they can get the funds needed to attain their financial goals.”

Bruce Mack, Founder President Mack Promos

“Joe Tufo is a Godly man with a clear vision and passion for helping people and businesses grow.”
Michael Bowers President Syndicated Investments, Inc.

MY BACKGROUND: 22 years Insurance simultaneously 19 years S-7, 18 years Finance - Commercial Mortgages, Residential Mortgages, Business Loans, Specialized Tax Savings/Expense Reduction - Stryde/GMG, Author, Speaker, Teacher, Business Consultant - flawed, imperfect, convicted. 

SPECIALTIES: Start-Up Loans, Project Funding, Commercial Real Estate, Business Loans, $3million to $6billion, Private Money, Business Consulting, Asset Protection, Tax Savings for USA businesses: Our average client saves $240,000.

WHO I WORK WITH: Commercial Real Estate Investors, CPA’s, Enrolled Agents, Attorneys, Realtors, Architects, Engineers, Start-Ups, Small Business Owners, Manufacturers, Hotels, Restaurants, Auto Dealerships, Medical Offices, Software Companies, Cannabis, and Others



Cash Flow Specialists, Inc.

July 1999 - Present

Commercial Real Estate Loans, Business Loans, Project Funding, $100,000 to $6Billion, Business Consultant, Certified Cash Flow Consultant, Certified Commercial Capital Specialist, Agent Stryde Savings, 925-352-6000 My other LinkedIn profile is three times the size of this with 5,000+ endorsements and testimonies plus 228 articles.

Senior Agent

Stryde Savings

July 2016 - Present

Specialized Tax Incentives, Cost Remediation, WOTC, Expense Reduction, Savings $80,000 to millions, No upfront cost Consultation. 1.925.352.6000 USA only.

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