JoAnn Pinkney Wilcox Cert. Digital Accessibility Expert
JoAnn Pinkney Wilcox Cert. Digital Accessibility Expert

Certified Digital Accessibility Expert and Film Producer at YeePeeDee Production Studio

Greater Atlanta Area

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Level: LEVEL 01 (12mo pts: 15 pts)

Lifetime points: 15 pts View details

Cerified Digital Accessibility Expert,
Braille Language, Braille Math, Braille Proof Reading,
ADA compliance
WCAG 2.0 AA - ADA design expertise
WCAG requirements
WCAG 2.0 Level AA AODA (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines)
WCAG 2.0 Compliance
WCAG accessibility standards
User Experience Design
User Interface Design
Adobe Creative Suite
Video Production
Video Editing
Video Post-Production
Video Games
Audio Description for the Blind
Closed Captioning
Accessibility Testing
Accessibility Planning
Accessibility Consulting
Disability Rights
Disability Studies
Disability Law
Website Development
Website Updating
Website Creation
Website Management
Web Design
Film Producer
Film Editing
TV show producer
TV advertising campaign development
Customer relationship management (CRM)
Disability Awareness Trainer
Customer Experience Design


I work on making digital devices available to all people which includes the disabled.. I am a Certified Digital Accessibility Expert of which I received Certifications and knowledge in ADA Compliance, WCAG 2.1, ADA, Section 508, AODA, EN 301549 and IS 5568, and will soon be certified as an IAAP (International Association of Accessibility Professional). I am working on writing true applications, etc. using AI and Machine Learning, that will help digital devices be accessible to all. I am thrilled that recently in 2019 the ADA passed that all public websites MUST be compliant to making their websites accessible. This is only a huge start. I predict that in the near future the private business websites will have to comply as well.
I am editing my documentaries, tv shows, and movies to be ADA compliant, making them accessible. It is a lot of work to change the current ones, but to me it is worth it. By doing this my productions will be better understood by all, and able to be enjoyed by the disabled as well.