Jim Kelly

Jim Kelly

Small Company Growth Quarterback

location_on Greater New York City Area

President & CEO at Business Vision Consulting Group, LLC

Chief Marketing and Innovation Officer at Prestige Brands, Inc.

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"Jim is a talented consumer products leader who brings a strong sense of purpose, collaboration and passion to any senior management team. He has a penchant for molding diverse points-of-view into cohesive strategies and action plans, thereby maximizing the potential for business success. Jim also has a high innovation IQ when it comes to both products and processes, and is unafraid to drive change where appropriate." Mark Pettie, Chairman and CEO, Prestige

"Jim has a razor sharp mind that is keenly suited for business general management and new product innovation. He's results-focused, while ensuring that he gets the right things done right. I have known Jim for many years and recommend him highly, both as an excellent business leader and as an extremely talented collaborator." Michael Fruhling, Founder/CEO BFS Innovations, Inc.

Brand Experience: Trident, Dentyne, Certs, Clorets, Bubblicious, Chiclets, Halls Cough Drops, Rolaids, Just For Men Haircolor, Grecian Formula, Odor-Eaters, Cepacol, Aqua Velva, Lectric Shave, Vagisil, Lanacane, Sea Bond Denture Adhesives, Scalpicin, Clear Eyes, Chloraseptic, Compound W, New Skin, Little Remedies, Cutex, Paisley Farm Pickled Vegetables, Spice Islands, Bag Balm.

Strong background in the Consumer Products Industry with deep experiences in Confectionery/Snack, OTC Health and Personal Care, and Food industries in Marketing, Sales, General Management.

Specialties: Business development, marketing and sales, general management, health and personal care, confectionery, snack, CPG, consumer packaged goods, new product development, new product launch, management, licensing, technology, acquisitions, product management, strategic brand development, strategic business development, OTC Drugs, Medical Devices, healthcare, food, North America, U.S., Canada, men's grooming, entrepreneurial, intrapreneurial.


President & CEO

Business Vision Consulting Group, LLC

January 2010 - December 2014

Consumer packaged goods business development consultancy.

Founded boutique consulting practice with following clients: Summers Laboratories, Kimberly Clark, TPR Holdings, Paisley Farm, Trutek Corporation, Core Tech Solutions, DelCorean LLC (makers of Cramp 911), Hi-Tech Pharmacal, Evergreen Healthcare (Start-up), Integrity Square(Financial Advisory to Private Equity, Executive-in-Residence) and Burnham Securities (Corporate Finance, Operating Advisor). Recruited as direct counsel to the CEO’s of six of the above clients on issues ranging from organizational design, new business and new product development, alliance creation, strategic planning, executive compensation and overall growth plan creation.

Chief Marketing and Innovation Officer

Prestige Brands, Inc.

January 2007 - December 2009

Reporting into the Chairman/CEO, directed all marketing functions (12 direct reports and external contracted resources) in U.S. and Canada, including Brand Management, Product Development,Media Planning/Buying, Public Relations and Creative/Advertising for OTC/Personal Care brands such as Clear Eyes, Chloraseptic, Little Remedies, Compound W, The Doctor’s, New Skin, Dermoplast and Cutex.Co-led with Chairman/CEO the first ever company strategic plan, including re-orienting resources to drive organic growth, innovation and the Canadian affiliate. Established a network of technology search resources to identify innovation platforms and established a focused business-building effort for Canada.


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