Howard Moskowitz

Howard Moskowitz

Speaker, Author, Poet, Scientist and Market Innovator at Mind Genomics Advisors, LLC

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For more than 40 years I have dedicated my career to developing the way companies think about consumer behaviors through market research. For many years, corporate marketing departments believed you could "get into a customers head" if you asked them what they wanted. This meant expensive and inaccurate focus groups, speculation and a lot of misfire product launches.

Consumers don't know what they want; asking them will not tell you. Data provide the key to unlock tremendous brand growth and marketing effectiveness through targeted product development. I have helped many large public companies capture market share they didn't even know existed, by letting the data tell the customer's story.

Malcolm Gladwell told my story in his 2005 TED Talk called "Choice, Happiness and Spaghetti Sauce". He said many nice things about the work I have been privileged to do, pointing out that my work has "fundamentally changed the way the food industry thinks about making you happy". Since that time, more than 4.5 million people have seen the talk around the globe, and I hope that in some way it has made people happy. Most of all, I want to be of help to your company, using proven methods to launch products successfully and put smiles on the faces of your customers.

You can get a sense of what Malcolm was talking about by looking at the presentations, white papers, and books in the Mind Genomics link. The material shows how to construct a new 'algebra of the mind...from the point of view of everyday experience'
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Founding Partner & Chief Scientist at Mind Genomics Advisors, LLC
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Exploring Behavior Changes Toward Sustainable Nutrition
How can we (food industry) act to speed up consumers’ switches towards diets with less meat and more plant-based proteins?

1) Is there a way to create a movement that goes beyond hipsters / trend followers or
even vegans/vegetarians into something that impacts a wide number of people – e.g.
at lower middle class or mainstream consumer?
2) What can industry do to create a greater demand for sustainable nutrition food
products – for instance that facilitate the consumption of meals with less/no meat
that are found in ‘ordinary’ supermarkets, that are regularly eaten and not only for
niche, special, premium, once-off products?
3) What kind of benefits can be used to motivate consumers to make switches to more
sustainable nutrition, e.g. more plant-based eating, or meat alternatives or reduced
amount of meat? We are interested in benefits that are technically feasible and have
minimum impact on profitability.
4) How important is it to communicate environment, social or health benefits to
motivate consumers to move to more sustainable diets, such as more plant-based
products or less/no meat?
5) What role can social media play to support this switch and how can the industry use
this in a credible and motivating way?What kind of partnerships with the industry will
help drive consumer change towards sustainable nutrition, such as more plant-based

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