Edy Merendino
Edy Merendino

Environmental Manager at Tetra Pak

Campinas Area, Brazil

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Level: LEVEL 02

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Sustainability 5
Continuous Improvement
ISO 14001
Waste Management


Senior professional with 15 years experience working on sustainability: ISO 14000 management system, factory environmental indicators, audit, environmental advocacy, solid waste management, reverse logistics, selective collection, recycling, environmental education, supply chain evaluation, and FSC® certification.

Environmental manager, responsible for company advocacy and representation on environmental forums.

Environmental specialist acting as business partner for Tetra Pak´s recycling initiatives on Latin America and Africa.

Management of Tetra Pak´s sustainability strategy on Central America and Caribbean region during 2013.

Responsible for creation of "Recycling Route" website in Brazil, and its expansion for Latin America ( Panamá, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Argentina, Chile and Uruguay). Available on and , it is an international web based search engine for kerbside collection and recycling entities. This project was the winner of ECO Award (Premio ECO) 2008 organized by AMCHAM and Valor Economico newspaper.
MSc in Chemical Engineering by UNICAMP – University of Campinas.

Specialties: sustainability strategy, recycling process, kerbside collection, reverse logistic, ISO 14001, environmental management systems, environmental audit, environmental legislation and advocacy, environmental technologies, process implementation, project management.


Environmental Manager

Tetra Pak

January 2016 - Present

• Environmental manager responsible for Tetra Pak´s sustainability strategy regarding recycling of post-consumption packages in Brazil and Paraguay.
• Environmental advocacy and company representative in forums, events and presentations.
• Project management and technical support to implement recycling process and collection schemes of beverage carton packages.
• Practical knowledge in recycling process of several materials and recycled products development
• Participation on Life Cycle Analysis for beverage carton packages.

Postgraduate Professor at SENAC

Senac São Paulo

September 2013 - Present

Responsible for Environmental Management discipline in post-graduate course on Integrated Management System: Quality, Safety and Environment.

  • Jun 2018 - Jul 2018

    Participated in a KnowledgeStream™: "Inspiring Consumers to Recycle"

    Aerosol Packaging
    Recycling Behavior Analytics
    Customer Value Strategy
    Behavioural Change
    Integrated Marketing
    New Product Development
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