Dr. Mazlan Abbas
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Oracle to Invest More Than $1 Billion in AI and Cloud Computing in Spain
Smart Health Africa Summit - Innovative. Safe. Connected.
Data & AI Webinars 2024 - Live And On-Demand - Data Science Connect
How to Become a Network Engineer: Tips for Beginners
Generate Leads for Staffing Firms Using Thought Leadership
From data to insights: the application and challenges of knowledge graphs in intelligent audit | Journal of Cloud Computing | Full Text
Revisiting M4.0 Maturity at a Critical Juncture in Innovation - MGOCPA
Supply Chain Management | Sustainable Governance | LITEON
Journal of Medical Internet Research - Patients’ Perspectives on the Data Confidentiality, Privacy, and Security of mHealth Apps: Systematic Review
IP Strategy: Developing a Comprehensive Plan for Your Business - FasterCapital
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Dr. Mazlan Abbas

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