David Whiting

David Whiting

HSE Manager

location_on Redhill, United Kingdom

Environment Health Safety Manager at Thermo Fisher Scientific

Director at GoSBS.IT

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Chartered Health, Safety and Environment professional
Global Lead Auditor (With an extensive background in health, safety, environment, and risk management).

I’ve developed expertise in regulatory compliance and HSE management systems and have worked both nationally and internationally to support my clients in managing change, developing successful safety strategies and delivering professional development programmes.

My negotiation and influencing skills have enabled me to deliver change on a global scale, working with businesses, government bodies and third sector organizations.

I’m also a qualified Lead Auditor with expertise in ISO standards and have lectured for the HSE, IOSH and Law Society.

Chartered Member of the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health
Member of the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management
European Occupational Safety and Health Manager
Associate of the Institute of Environment Management and Assessment


Environment Health Safety Manager

Thermo Fisher Scientific

August 2017 - Present

My role:
Careful attention to health and safety that adds value to a company and its products.

During my career:
Leadership is about serving everyone and asking yourself, How do I give the tools you need to succeed and proceed, having worked with a range of private, public and third sector organizations on a global scale delivering bespoke leadership, management & personal development programmes and now my role is to use that knowledge to enable others
o Leading people is now tougher and more complex than ever.
o It’s harder if your approach is wrong and you don’t bring your people with you.
o The old view of management was one of dictation, orders, and consequences.

But throughout history, however, we have celebrated our great leaders, motivators and speaks and these are the figures that a modern manager is expected to emulate.
o Knowing how to lead rather than manage is important in the modern workplace.
o You could do worse than emulate these simple characteristics.
o In our industry – its human connection as we are all trying the way humans make decisions.

It all relative to how we make decisions in very complex ways that involve both rational and emotional elements.
o Changes like these require us to collaborate, communicate and connect in different ways than we have before if we’re going to advance more quickly towards meeting our workplace goals & standards in time to make real change with our climate commitments.

I like to believe that I am a catalyst for change
o Practice ‘Emotional Intelligent’ leadership by developing teams full potential
o Work smarter not harder, enable your people to aspire and grow for you
o Look for windows of opportunity that focus on results and create growth



January 2004 - October 2017

Incorporated Safety Business Services (SBS) Ltd into the business strategy, as globalization with the international integration of intercultural ideas, perspectives, products/services, culture, and technology required an influential modern topic that highlights the growing interdependence between different countries worldwide, necessitating managers to appropriately incorporate this trend within their strategies.

As a senior executive, I have shared my expertise in corporate governance, management, contingency planning and training with clients across the UK, Europe, and South America. I also collaborate with clients to identify training needs and then design and deliver high-quality development programmes.

Whilst in this role I have successfully completed a range of projects in liaison with government bodies and lead agencies, including designing and delivering safety strategies and UKAS evaluations. I have additionally developed contingency planning exercises for emergency services and businesses and provided coaching and mentoring to professional health and safety practitioners.

Key aspects of this role include managing complex risk issues with extensive implications at both corporate and international level and implementing new management systems, policies and monitoring processes to ensure compliance with current legislation. I also lecture both nationally and internationally on corporate and integrated risk strategies.

Key achievements include:
- Playing a key role in developing new global ISO45001 standards as part of the ISO pilot group
- Completing successful assignments for key clients including East Sussex Fire Rescue Service, Ocado Plc., Rolls Royce, BFI, Southampton University, Operon Plc., Samsung Electronics, Peabody Trust and Genesis Housing

Specialist in Competency / Strategy / Corporate Governance / Management / Contingency / Training / Auditing / Consultant / HSAS18001 ISO14001 IPPC HSG65 Integrated Management Systems