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Innovation Partner: Co-founder + New Market Visionary in Beauty / Global Brand Disruption Alchemist at CRYSTAL, LLC

Exclusive Partnership Collaboration - New Market Beauty Brand Development + Culture Alchemist with Target at Target

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.5% Top Global Social Media Influencer
Designing New Paradigms, Creative Leadership, Philosophy of Truth+Beauty, Intuition Intelligence, Storytelling, Epigenetics, Branding, Innovation, Instagram Expression, Culture Hacking, Directing, Superconscious Aesthetics, Sustainable Marketing by Cosmic Harmony
Currently: Turning Around a Global Beauty Brand w/ Holistic Branding
IG: @directorcrystal

Crystal is a purpose driven global social influencer and thought leader in creativity, innovation, the feminine dimension, beauty and trend forecasting. Having been endorsed by social media leaders like Gary Vaynerchuck, she is a leader and mentor to women in the millennial women's market across the globe though her creative thought leadership. She has most recently been showcased in Forbes for 'The Art of Instagram Influence.'

She is a holistic vision alchemist and visual and energetics pattern recognition expert, combining new media branding, executive alignment coaching and transformational business practices into her body of work. Her diverse experience has brought disruptive ideas to market as a multimedia designer, Instagram consultant, director, and brand builder. Crystal is also a member of Forbes Coaches Council.

Other areas she has experience developing include: product packaging design, customer experience design, international creative direction, social media development, website experience design, and integrated thought leadership within the 'new' beauty landscape.

She is a particularly a digital influencer in the space of beauty and holistic living in the 'millennial feminine dimension/new market,' having attracted thousands of women craving a new narrative around the future of a conscious society and the beauty space from a holistic perspective.

She has worked with leading engineered 'from the future' marketing messages and once made a start-up concept reach 10 million viral through an innovative marketing concept in the digital/Instagram space.

An expert storyteller in words and pictures, she has a hand on background in film directing. Her body of work work is described as stylized visual storytelling, with imaginative, nostalgic & cinematic characteristics. She is an avid reader about psychology, dreams, holistic living, quantum mechanics, metaphysics & wealth consciousness. Forever living out of the faith in her imagination, her approach to life & work can be viewed as harmonious, poetic- balanced in chaos -an adventure constantly venturing into the unknown and creating the unexpected.

Not even out of college, at a young age, her visionary talent was spotted and her first paid photo gig was commissioned by Vogue's former photo editor. On the pulse of culture and trends, she is a seasoned New York Fashion Week photographer, having worked alongside legends like Bill Cunningham shooting the fashionable streets of New York for Refinery29.

Crystal dove into entrepreneurship at 21 and spent a few years launching a marketing film (that was featured in Success Mag.) By 23, she moved to LA for an intensive director apprenticeship working under internationally renowned directors, refining her craft in filmmaking - writing music videos for some of the most famous popstars today. Her work has been seen in national publications like Sports Illustrated and ELLE Magazine and she's had pleasure to be part of creative editorial productions teams with brands like Vogue Italia, Glamour Magazine and mega girl-band 5th Harmony.

As an early adopter and leader in Instagram, with her background in directing and passion for living in ’the now’ presence of ‘all that is,’ she quickly mastered the 'fine art’ and craft of multi-media. She became a scientist of digital disruption through intuitive creative intelligence mastery on the platform and developed an integral, in depth Instagram academy ‘Insta on The Rise' teaching the power of orchestrating creative influence from embodiement, holistic Instagram marketing, visual storytelling, trend setting, thought leadership, culture creation and how to become a walking media company from the inside out though Quantum Creative Expression- the ability to master business energetics into 'Flow to Form' effortlessly by embodying beauty, everywhere in your branding and business.

Interested in starting heart centered cultural phenomenas, she's a fearless woman with a deeply creative & mystical perspective, connecting inner world with material world into universal holistic aesthetic form-her method marked Quantum Creative Expression.

Co-founder of new-media/new-paradigm innovation firm Bast Pictures, she is focused on building her body of transformative, creative work, while leading a consciousness-shifting conversation on creative + intuitive leadership in society - mentoring women who want to be , express and experience #BEAUTYEVERYWHERE


Innovation Partner: Co-founder + New Market Visionary in Beauty / Global Brand Disruption Alchemist


April 2018 - Present

New Market Beauty Brand

Exclusive Partnership Collaboration - New Market Beauty Brand Development + Culture Alchemist with Target


March 2018 - Present

Brand Disruption Innovator in New Market / Creative Director + Integrated Cultural Alchemist


The Beauty Everywhere Approval:
Brand Truths Identified
Innovative Market Research Process with Cosmic Intelligence
Sustainable Vision in Place
Heart Centered Concepts
A "Crystal Styled" Custom Creative Direction Visual Production Treatment-
Brand Visual Styleguide
Illusive Symbols Identified
Intuitive Color Palette Selection
Prop and Art Direction Lists
Tips for Unique Font Communication
Soundtrack Expressing the Harmony of your Brand
List of songs that resonate with your brand culture.
Custom Truth Speaking Voice Guide
Optional Hashtag Manifesto
Your Brands Unique Quotables
Additional Lingo + Brand Language Style
Custom Storytelling Blueprint
Brand Positioning and Character Archetype(s) Breakdown
Synopsis of your Brand Journey: Your Show, Your Movie Effect
Film/Commercial/Video/Music Video Reference List
Campaigns / PR and Strategic Collaboration
Campaign Concepts
KPI Execution Indicators
Tentative Creative Production Checklist + Timeline
Custom Instagram Collaboration PR Kit


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