Christian J. Farber

Christian J. Farber

Chief Marketing & Sales Executive in start-up, turn around & mature companies. I build world class teams. 50k followers

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I am a business development executive who focuses on marketing and selling enterprise technology solutions. I take a value oriented approach supported by a business case. Buyers of technology need tangible proof that solutions will increase revenue or cut costs before buying.

I have achieved success in start-up, turnaround and large organizations. Specifically, Albridge Solutions was a startup where I was the 6th employee. We grew the company from $0 to more than $60MM in recurring revenue. We sold the company to PNC Bank for $317MM in 2008.

Next I joined Princeton Financial Systems as Chief Marketing & Sales Officer. We had a great run and delivered a record sales year in 2013 ($27MM vs $19MM). We also closed the single largest software deal in company history ($6.5MM). Princeton grew from $80MM in revenue to $130MM during my time there.

I received recognition from executives at State Street and they rewarded me with an opportunity to run Marketing, Sales, Relationship Management and Support globally for a new startup division, State Street Global Exchange. Here I was responsible for over 120 staff in 5 countries.

After helping launch the new division, a new challenge presented itself with a troubled small company, Scivantage. The company was hemorrhaging losses and had not brought on any new customers in five years. I was asked to join a newly formed management team and CEO as Chief Marketing & Sales Officer. In two years we turned a $4MM loss into a $2MM in EBITDA.

People often ask me how I achieved success and the answer is simple, though its application is difficult. I did this by building world class teams of professional marketing and sales executives.

If you are looking for an experienced executive to lead your business development unit in a technology company or division let’s talk about how I can help you. I can be reached at 732-788-0475. You can also find out more about me on my website which can be found at

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