Andrey Zolotavin

Andrey Zolotavin

Sr. Real Time Systems Engineer at Kuwait Oil Company

Joined 09/26/2016


Overall 30 years experience in automation with expertise and advisory in technical and business domains:
- SCADA, DCS , Advanced Applications solutions , Control system architecture, integration with Management Information System (MIS) and Digital Smart intelligent oil field, Industrial cyber security, Upstream related Automation, Control, Instrumentation for Oil/Gas wells, pipelines, gathering centers, Collaboration center,
- IIoT Industrial Internet of Things, open system architectures as part of Enterprise digital transformation
- Account Manager in sales and marketing, competitive analysis, business and product development;
-Proficiency with international suppliers, contracts, specifications, tenders, presentation , business analysis skills.
- Business issues, Gaps, requirements and analysis identification. Transformation strategy into digital enterprise from traditional enterprise from technical perspective. Aligning other nontechnical solutions like change management with technological capabilities .
- Development of principal technical solution multilayered architecture for oil business, power generation, mapping business need versus technical and functional solutions. Development of proof of concept and piloting, scaling up and transformation into industrial solution, IT to OT transformation roadmap, Collaborative environments;
- Maintenance and commissioning management of C&I system Power Generation, Desalination ;
Speaker, Panelist in events :
- Industrial cyber security - key Enterprise Risk Management, Enterprise Risk management Conference, Kuwait 2017
- Digital transformation toward knowledge economy Award @ Global Informatics Forum, Kuwait 2016. Big Data, Cloud , Industrial Internet of Things IIoT emerging technologies for industry innovation.
- Internet of Things World Forum, UAE 2015. CISCO
- Digital Oil Fields summit, Kuwait 2012. IQPC
- Cyber security for process industry, Qatar 2012, IQPC
- SCADA MENA summit , UAE 2011. by IQPC
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Sr. RealTime Systems Engineer at Kuwait Oil Company
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