Amitabh Bhattacharya
Amitabh Bhattacharya

Safety Professional | HSE Consultant with 12 years of versatile experience managing Health, Safety, and Environment


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Rating: 4.32/5 stars (271 ratings)

Level: LEVEL 04 (12mo pts: 1114 pts)

Lifetime points: 3645 pts View details

Energy 42
Drilling 23
Strategic Planning 20
Risk Assessment 20
Project Planning 20
Workplace Safety 20
Onshore 20
Process Safety 20
Oil 18
Safety 17
Petroleum 15
Risk Management 11
Gas 7
Investigation 5
Oil & Gas Industry 3
Energy Industry 3
Inspection 1
Disaster Recovery
Emergency Management
Hazard Analysis
Fire Safety
Hazard Mitigation
mock drills
Safety Management Systems
Industrial Safety
Drill Press
Occupational Health
Hazardous Waste Management
Accident Investigation
Behavior Based Safety
ISO 14001
Hazard Identification
Hazard Recognition
Safety Engineering
Incident Investigation
Environmental Management Systems
Industrial Hygiene
HSE Management Systems
Construction Safety
Offshore Drilling
Oil & Gas
Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS)
Onshore Operations


Safety Professional | Risk Management Consultant | Explorer | Disaster Management Strategist | Technical Geek | Visionary | Problem Solver | Visual Learner | Adaptable | Self Motivated

I am passionate about safety and believe that we humans, don’t do things simply. We don’t make decisions based on features and benefits only. We make decisions based on emotion, “gut feel” and a promise to keep us "Safe".

I teach, make aware employees, give training and educate personnel and professionals on how to create Healthier and Safer Environment at work so that they understand the importance of workplace safety and move them toward their core goals. My understanding of the intricacies of Health & Safety as well as my educational background provide a strong foundation to articulate safety at workplace and drive initiatives ahead to cater HSE performance.

On the creative side, I write articles, columns in newspapers and give reviews on different platforms.

Specialities include Onshore Oil & Gas, Incident Investigation, Root Cause Analysis, Process Safety, Hazard Mitigation, Project Planning, Risk Assessment, HAZOP, Strategic Planning, Upstream Process, Public speaking/Presentations and Social media. I’m very good at Time Management too.

If you ever want to talk careers, new opportunities or on Safety, I’m right over at


Consultant Safety Specialist


November 2016 - October 2017

Review/keep up to date the standardized operational procedures covering the following matters:
o Field operations

Ensure the proper dissemination of up-to-date procedures / templates / standards by the
appropriate electronic means (Share point library maintenance and other as applicable)

Support implementation of Group Compliance Principles at field level.

Implement operational audit programme as defined (in person or by nominating competent resources)

Ensure follow up on corrective actions from audit.

Ensure lesson learnt process (root cause analysis) and take relevant actions at procedures and
training level.

Design, implement and follow up on HSE Incident log.

Define training programme for field staff focusing in priority on issues identified by audit and
claims. (PPE utilisation HSE observance, sampling procedures and samples handling,
compliance issues etc.)

Design relevant training material and disseminate in the network

Design, instruct affiliates and check effectiveness of training and performance management/evaluation records implementation at local level for field staff.

Provide concrete support / advice to difficult field operational matters.

HSE Manager

Global Environmental Management Services Ltd.

October 2017 - Present

GEMS are part of a global group of companies dedicated towards PRESERVATION, PROTECTION and RESTORATION of the environment. Industrial services across Saudi Arabia: Oil & Chemical tank, boilers & heat exchangers cleaning with latest technologies and equipment Maintenance Services, Collection & removal of waste lube oil, petroleum sludge, industrial hazardous wastes, solid & liquid effluents.

Industrial Waste Management - Oil recovery, Bioreactors, Activated sludge, Chemical Pre-treatment Plant, Evaporation and Stab, Ponds and Storage tanks.
Landfill Management - Leachate Control, Cover soil, Layer compaction, Litter control, Vector control, Landfill Gas control, Incinerators.
Industrial Clean-up Services, Waste Treatment Centre, Emergency Environmental Response, and Waste Transportation Services.

What I do:
➢ Assistance HSE Director with client’s HSE requirements and compliance.
➢ Ensure that all activities and process are managed in accordance to Company IMS.
➢ Investigate or arrange for all accidents and near-misses be investigated, prepare report of findings, including Recommendations to prevent recurrence and implement approved course of action.
➢ Develop & implement HSE Plans and emergency response plans that comply with Company policies and procedures as well as local client requirements.
➢ Provide independent professional advice and technical information where appropriate to all line managers to enable the Company to discharge its statutory, common and moral obligations, keeping staff & Managers abreast of changes in HSE Legislation and Codes of Practice.
➢ Assists work site HSE professionals and line management in development of work site HSE and Cause No Harm promotions and campaigns.
➢ Assist in evaluation and selection of subcontractors based on their HSE performance.
➢ Provide HSE input for the proposals group bids.
➢ Supervise the maintenance of company HSE statistics, analyse trends and propose and take remedial action where necessary.

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