Alex Dorward

Alex Dorward

COO at Simple Story | Proven Entrepreneur | Award-winning Consultant | Public Speaker | Board Adviser at Simple Story

Joined 01/15/2019


Consultant, entrepreneur, speaker and volunteer, Alex has been significantly involved in Corporate Canada as well as the Startup scene in Ottawa, Toronto and Kitchner/Waterloo.

Currently, Alex has a variety of positions:
-He is the current COO of Simple Story, an award-winning video marketing and production agency that has produced over 1000 animation and live-action videos across several industries, from startups, to government, to Fortune 500 companies.
-Alex is also a strategic adviser to ApplyBoard to guide and advise them on their digital marketing.
-Alex is a Strategic Board Adviser to RetailBound
-Alex is the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of
-Freelance consultant for digital marketing, entrepreneurship and Digital Experience Platforms.

Previously, Alex was an Executive at Accenture in its Digital practice. As part of Digital, Alex specialized in Digital Marketing, specifically Personalization, Marketing Analytics, Digital Experience Platforms & Program Management. He is also proficient in design thinking, agile and waterfall implementations, testing, and digital strategy.
While at Accenture, Alex was also the Canada lead for the Indigenous Peoples Employee Resource Group where he led the ERG to win the 2018 CCDI ERG of the Year. Moreover, he sat on the Accenture Canada Diversity Council.

In addition, Alex is also the co-founder of, Canada's leading resource for prospective university students. There, Alex was responsible for its digital strategy and implementation, managing company operations and leading its agile development. Along with his Co-Founder, they led the company to be acquired by Square Crop Studios Inc at a 415% ROI.

As a result of his involvement in, and, Alex is considered an expert in the post-secondary education field in Canada, having been interviewed by many publications, including Globe & Mail, Yahoo Canada and Canadian Business.
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Chief Operating Officer at Simple Story
Strategic Adviser to the Board at Retailbound
Digital Marketing Strategic Adviser at ApplyBoard
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  • Jul 2019 - Aug 2019

    Participated in a KnowledgeStream™: "Technology's Impact on the Future of Work"

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The Future of Employee Benefits for Small Business
small business insurance benefits
Technology's Impact on the Future of Work
How is technology transforming how we do work? This stream may include such sub-topics how is technology transforming workplaces, work styles, and work forces?
The Impact of AI on Corporate Decision Making
In what ways will AI bias in corporate decision making
The Sprinklr CMO Advisory Board: Defining the Future of Marketing
Title: The Sprinklr CMO Advisory Board
Tagline: Defining the Future of Marketing
About: Marketing is now the most distinguishing, critical function for business. Today, marketing is responsible for building relationships with a company’s top asset – the customer. Connecting with customers is no longer about broadcasting a clever message. In our social world, it’s what customers say about brands that truly matters most. This new reality requires a fundamental shift in marketing strategies.

The CMO Advisory Board brings together passionate leaders to discuss current industry challenges and define the future of marketing. Through a series of virtual and in-person events, members will share their world-shifting visions for the future of marketing, advertising, social media management and more. The CMO Advisory Board is a forum of ideas – the bigger, the better – for how brands can offer game-changing customer experiences on every touchpoint imaginable.
Future of Brand Storytelling in a Digital Data-Driven Era
branded content; brand storytelling; branded entertainment;
digital, mobile, social, documentary, scripted, animation; analytics, creative, production; data-driven content; brand video, film, experiential, podcasts, immersive AR/VR, ecommerce
Strategic Leadership When Facing AI Transformation
This group recently published a US-based study on AI. One of their goals is to spend 1 theme validating the insights that they published and go a click deeper with the panel
A second objective is to get more international color for their global paper to be published in February. They would ideally like to get a couple of perspectives from China, Canada, Europe, etc.
Within this is to learn what the panelists’ companies think the benefits are for AI, etc.

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