Vinny Houston

Vinny Houston

Head Crew Coach at Iona Preparatory School

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25 years as a cardiac rehabilitation specialist. Services include cardiac rehab, EECP therapy and various other diagnostic tests. I am available for consulting for new facilities or adding services to existing ones.

Health Enhancement also provides a full service 24 Hour Holter Monitoring service. We provide the equipment for physicians to use and we perform the scans. This will help physicians provide an additional service for their patients, get results quickly, and increase their revenue.

Health Enhancement Fitness Equipment has brought to market the Accu-Stretch, a stretching unit that attaches to treatment tables and allows user to perform PNF stretching without a partner and coming soon, a lateral exercise training unit with adjustable resistance and three modes of operation: abduction, adduction and ski simulation. Both will be great additions to any physical therapy practice or athletic trainer's treatment room.

Specialties: Exercise Physiologist specializing in cardiac rehabilitation . I am also extensively involved in bringing new exercise products to life. I have a complete team of engineers and manufacturers that assist me in taking ideas to prototype and production.
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Head Crew Coach at Iona Preparatory School
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