Peter Huisman
Peter Huisman

Innovation manager at AirFrance / KLM

Amsterdam Area, Netherlands

  • Focus: Contributions are valued by peers
  • Accountability: Thoroughly contributes in all areas
  • Sense of Urgency: Consistently responds in a timely fashion
  • Team: Frequently supports and responds to peers

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Level: LEVEL 02

12 month points: 35 ptsView details

Lifetime points: 357 pts

Open Innovation 7
Management 2
Product Innovation 2
Aircraft Maintenance
Commercial Aviation
Civil Aviation
Aircraft Systems
IT Operations Management
IT Operations
Business Analysis
WebSphere Application Server
Aviation Operations
Maintenance & Repair
Change Management
Innovation Management
Flight Safety


As a technology Innovation manager I inspire and guide businesses in what new technologies can do for their business process.

This starts by a good understanding of an existing business problem within the business process.

By means of experimentation and prototyping in this business context I show the added value of adopting a new technologies to solve the problem

For that I run a research and development lab within Air France / KLM.
Once inspired, the new technology is taken into an implementation trajectory for adoptation by the current line organization.

This require good networking skills (both inside and outside the company), insight into the operational processes within the industry, insight into the technological development in the world, and knowledge of the Information Technologies used within the industry.
Next to that, contact with startups, knowledge institutes and universities are a necessity to gain technology knowledge.

- Out of the box thinker
- Creative Thinker
- Problem solver
- Solution oriented
- Disruptive Innovation (both process and technology)
- Evangelist


Technology Innovation Project Manager


November 2014 - Present

Within my current function, I try to inspire business parties in what adapting new technologies can do for their business process.
By means on experimentation and prototyping, taking the existing new technologies and translating them into the context of the business, the added value for the business can be shown.
Once inspired, the new technology is taken into an implementation trajectory, where all the architectural considerations are taken into account and a scalable implementation can be achieved.
Instead of numerous slide decks, working prototypes in the direct context of the business are the only workable means to make innovation occur.

Examples are
1. The development and experimentation of an automated image recognition system for the Engine Repair shop to reducing the required man-hours for a typical type of inspection, have the inspection outcome independent of the employee performed.
2. Introduction of Low Power Internet of Things within the company, where the business was convinced based on the experiments and prototypes to invest into this technology. The implementation of the Internet of Things infrastructure within the line organization is also part of my function.
3. Experimentation with Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality products to show the added value of this technology for maintenance and other operational processes.
4. Working on fundamental research together with the University world around internet of the future, big data analysis and battery less sensors.

Member of NLR Advisory Counsel Air Transport

NLR - Netherlands Aerospace Centre

September 2015 - Present

Member of the NLR Advisory Counsel for Air Transport, with primary role to help stear the future research area's for the Dutch Air and Space laboratory.

Program Manager - AITIH (Artificial IT Intervention Handler)


April 2012 - Present

Program Manager and Evangelists for the development and implementation of a Knowledge Management tool, enabling automated incident analysis and incident solving.