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At an early age I saw food choices affect your health. Through many years of learning and searching for a better way, I found essential oils over seven years ago, which tied it all together. I teach you how to find your own answers to live your best life. I have been told "you changed my life", because I don't accept "there's no solution for you", and because of the quality products I use.

Some of many benefits, Supporting your immune system, help maintain a healthy blood sugar level, help with focus, weight loss plan support, reduce sad or anxious feelings, relieve occasional sleeplessness, relieve minor pain, gas, bloating, occasional ear discomfort, head or neck tension, treating mild acne and more! Lifestyle is medicine!

I work with natural, safe, effective, less expensive alternatives to accomplish that. NO SIDE EFFECTS, only side benefits :)

So much of what shows up on the outside is something going on in the inside. No hype, no pressure, just great information. We offer many free classes to help you learn about the body. Text me if you would like to know about them. 763-229-3359 or email

I have been in the industry for 15 years and enjoy all the benefits. I enjoy helping mom's stay home with their children and also have a special place in my heart for seniors and those with memory issues. The average person over 60 is on 13 medications, many are to deal with the side effects of some of them.

Connect with me, I love to hear about you.
If you would like me to add you to my class notification list, please call or message me your email.
If you want more information on the company I am part of, go to my site and watch the short videos. or 763-229-3359 (cell).

Specialties: Helping people get healthy inside and out. Working with Seniors, Weight Loss, Holistic Health and Stay at home Moms.

Two of my favorite sayings are "It's a Beautiful Thing" and "No Side Effects, Only Side Benefits!


Wellbeing Director at The Waters of Plymouth
Wellness Advocate at doTERRA International

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