Michaela Griggs

Michaela Griggs

GM | CMO | CSO | Chief Disruption Officer | B2B | B2C | Healthcare & Beauty | Apparel | Board Member

Joined 12/02/2016


Proven record of driving revenue growth and exceeding financial goals through global & local business expansion for Fortune 500 companies. Develops creative business solutions that transform target audience behavior, and employs data driven business skills to generate broad customer demand and adoption across multiple product lines. Recognized for leadership in driving best-in-class B2B, B2C, and B2P acquisition and retention programs, product differentiation, product road maps and competitive advantages in highly complex markets. Areas of expertise:

• Organizational Leadership & Talent Development
• New Market Identification & Business Development
• P&L Management, Revenue & Profit Growth
• Strategic Planning & Business Turnaround
• Portfolio & Brand Equity Management
• New Product Development & Commercialization
• Sales Leadership & Market Expansion
• Brand Innovation & Expansion

Apparel | Health & Wellness | Women & Beauty | OTC | Pharmaceuticals | Medical Devices

- Executive Management: Held multiple C-suit and management team leadership positions. Led and developed team large and small to achieve set objectives. Including leadership of 100 strong marketing and sales promotion personnel (40+) and call center staff (70+) for $1B+ product portfolio.
- Organizational & Sales Leadership: Led commercialization process for $5B+ 3M Health Care Business Group; developed and presented commercialization strategy to CEO. Restructure Tria's sales force to an out-source model, improving cost structure and retail door coverage.
- Revenue Growth: Accelerated profitable growth of $500+ million global Bayer Cardio Aspirin business, grew net sales by 17% and profit by 21% (3-year CAGR), exceeded budgets by 11% and profit targets by >200% and outpaced competition by 36%.
- Business Development: For 3M, identified and negotiated two in-license opportunities to deliver incremental ~$10 million annually.
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GM, NA & VP Global Marketing at Tria Beauty
Member Board of Directors at First Layer Health LLC
SVP Medical Divison at Barco Uniforms Inc.
Member of the Board of Directors at Carewave Medical
SVP Medical Divison (GM) at Barco Uniforms Inc. at Barco Uniforms Inc.
Commercial Board Advisor at CEEK Women's Health
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Where they want to receive it. For example, are they on Twitter and is that where they want to get this content? Do they get their information on LinkedIn, do they want to continue to get their information from LinkedIn.

Thought leadership events. Do they go to industry events? If they do, what events do they go to? What do they like about the events that they go to? What events would they go to more?
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