Martina Prox
Martina Prox

Strategy & Collaboration for Sustainable Production

Hamburg Area, Germany

  • Focus: Contributions are valued by peers
  • Accountability: Thoroughly contributes in all areas
  • Sense of Urgency: Consistently responds in a timely fashion
  • Team: Frequently supports and responds to peers

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Level: LEVEL 01 (12mo pts: 4 pts)

Lifetime points: 20 pts View details

Sustainability 1
Waste 1
Life Cycle Assessment
Energy Efficiency
Sustainable Business
Climate Change
Environmental Management Systems
Sustainable Development
Energy Management
Environmental Impact Assessment
Corporate Social Responsibility
Sustainability Consulting
Sustainable Energy
Business Strategy
Renewable Energy
Environmental Awareness
Green Technology
Alternative Energy
Environmental Policy
Environmental Engineering
Environmental Science
Product Lifecycle Management
Environmental Issues
Material Flow Analysis
Carbon Accounting
Product Life Cycle Management
Stakeholder Engagement
Capacity Building
Carbon Management
Material Flow Cost Accounting
Sustainability Reporting
ISO 14001
Software for Process Modelling
Carbon Footprinting
Green House Gas Accounting


At ifu - Institute for Environmental IT Hamburg my professional experience includes customer support, modeling industrial production systems for Life Cycle Assessment or improved production systems, sales, marketing, training and capacity building activities. Today my main responsibilities are international partnerships and strategy development.

Sustainability and Software
Product and Corporate Carbon Footprint
Life Cycle Assessment
Material and Energy Efficiency Analysis
Material Flow Cost Accounting
Corporate Sustainability Management
Capacity Building and Training

Accompanying our clients and partners in thriving for sustainable production systems with our tools and services - inspires me!


Co-Founder and President of the board of directors

Forum for Sustainability through Life Cycle Innovation e.V. - FSLCI

September 2015 - Present

During the General Assembly of FSLCI I was re-elected by the members of FSLCI to serve in the Board of directors to continue for the coming two years to build the Forum of the Life Cycle community and help it grow and start to reach out.

Strategy and Collaboration

ifu Institut für Umweltinformatik Hamburg GmbH

June 2005 - Present

International Partnerships
Training & Capacity Building
Consultancy for poductivity and life cycle innovation

- Umberto LCA +
- Umberto Efficiency+
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Material Efficiency, Energy Efficiency, Life Cycle Assessment, LCA, Product Carbon Footprints, Corporate Carbon Footprints, Material Flow Management, Sustainability Management, Environmental Management Accounting, Material Flow Cost Accounting, Life Cycle Thinking, Life Cycle Costing, Life Cycle Modelling, Sustainability Management, Training, Capacity Building, Resource Efficiency

  • Feb 2020

    Participated in a Sprint: "Value Cycles Blueprint Virtual Dialogue"

  • 19 May 2019

    Answered a question on OpenForum: "cigarette butt"

  • Mar 2018

    Participated in a Sprint: "Reporting 3.0 New Business Models Blueprint Exposure Draft 2 Review"

  • Oct 2017

    Participated in a Sprint: "Reporting 3.0 New Business Models Blueprint Exposure Draft 1.0 Review"

  • Apr 2017

    Participated in a Sprint: "R3 Reporting & Data Blueprint Exposure Draft 2.0 Review"

  • 23 Mar 2017

    Answered a question on OpenForum: "Stakeholder Fatigue"