Dr. Ernest Fongwa
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Dr. Ernest Fongwa

Specialist in Environmental Engineering, Management Science & System Modelling at Piso (Process Integrated Sustainability Orientation)

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Environmental, technical and non- technical, management and non- management systems are modelled for efficient resource planning (RP), control and management in industrial and non- industrial systems that can lead to sustainability outcomes requires system integration. Data processing (data warehouse techniques) and SCADA systems based on automatization with sensor techniques for data acquisition offers an advantage for process optimization and resource saving requiring system modelling and simulation for automatization (digitalization).

All systems change in a discrete manner, but their rate of dynamics varies (insignificant to significant and can be very large) from one system or process to another making it too complex. Coloured Petri nets are used to model and simulate complex and non-complex systems as well as hybrid processes. It can be used for technical and non- technical systems as well as to control processes with time intervals (industrial and non- industrial processes).

I support companies to design processes and products for the environment, resource conservation, health and safety as well as provide auditing, professional training, research and development services. Key areas of focus are water and waste water, waste and hazardous materials, energy and climatology, soil and biodiversity, facility services and technology, and management science and market positioning.


Entrepreneuer/Consultant/Researcher at Piso (Process Integrated Sustainability Orientation)

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