Andrew Greig

Andrew Greig

Client Success Manager @ Intellify AI Consulting | Research Assistant in AR/VR @ Macquarie Uni | Health Coach & Trainer

location_on Sydney, Australia

Research Assistant at Macquarie University

Client Success Manager at Intellify Pty Ltd

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I study health science and biotechnology for a fascination with their potential transformative power. I enjoy business for the ability to create and utilise strategies, systems, numbers, communication and relationships to build real value. I use coaching because it links the potential of systems and organisations, to the power of the individual and the team, to effect change.

It is my personal goal to be part of the creation of a healthier, brighter, more innovative, more intelligent future. It is my professional goal to facilitate business empowerment and transformation through leading technologies and systems like data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, augmented and virtual realities.


Research Assistant

Macquarie University

March 2018 - Present

Research assistant on a project through the Department of Accounting and Corporate Governance, involving background research and investigation into the impact of future and emerging technologies on the accounting profession.

Client Success Manager

Intellify Pty Ltd

February 2018 - Present

Managing external B2B client relationships including marketing and sales; and internal operations, finance and HR, for Intellify, Australia's leading artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science consultancy.

At Intellify, we forge competitive advantage for our customers by helping them to leverage their data assets, enabling them to become data driven. Applying advanced techniques like machine learning / deep learning to massive, complex data sets to help amplify organisational intelligence for more effective decision making.


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Healthcare Information Technology
Artificial Intelligence



  • Sep 2017 - Jun 2018

    Participated in a KnowledgeStream™: "Proactive Behaviors in Personal Health & Wellbeing"

    Behavioral Health
    Behavior Therapy
    Life Coach
    Behavior Change
  • 17 Jan 2018

    Answered a question on OpenForum: "Motivators for Healthy Lifestyle"